High Fashion.I want to know you.

When someone tells you ‘high fashion’ .What is this ‘high fashion’ exactly? is it a place? Is it a person? If so,who is this ‘high fashion’ ?Imagine if someone told you,” i’d very much like to meet him so that they can make me look great!” 😀

Well,dearies,I have an idea of what high fashion is.The one thing I will tell you about it, in fact more like warn you about it, is that high fashion is not for the faint-hearted. It requires boldness for sure .It’s existed since the late 1800’s especially in Paris..oohh lala!The likes of Coco Chanel,Hubert De Givenchy and Cristobal Balenciaga,all from Paris made a name for themselves in the world of high fashion.

High fashion is bold,dramatic,interesting,abstract,fun and sometimes flat out bonkers! it’s almost like art,you have to have an eye for it.It’s the bright colours,mixing different prints,the flattering fit,the shoe,the bright red lipstick..IT IS FABULOUS.


Sometimes clothes and shoes that are high fashion can be soo outrageous.These are Alexander McQueen heels.They’re sky high.If you can rock these,knock yourself out.


Other times you can mix and match normal stuff and voila! You are a high fashion diva. 🙂 Like so..That black chanel bag is killing me!


High fashion can actually be more often than not quite expensive.But with thrifting and if you look in the right places you may be successful.But another thing with high fashion,i think if you wanna do it,for sure do it your way.




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