Kenyan fabric meets Haute Couture.

Did you know the combination of 12.12.12 is the last anyone of us alive now is ever going to see? Think about more 1.1.01 or 2.2.02 till the next millenium.

Independence day is here again.70 years ago it looked and sounded impossible to ever be free from British rule.It was sooo..depressing.Who woulda thought?We turn 49 here in Kenya and today i pay tribute to the influence the ‘Maasai’ fabric,called the ‘Maasai Plaid’ has on the fashion industry.It’s become a phenomenon.

Exibit A: The fabric on a maasai warrior and on a runway model.


Exhibit B:models rocking the look in Thakoon’s 2011 Collection:


Exhibit C:Maasai Plaid and Safari wear-inspired..This was Louis Vuitton 2012 Summer/Spring collection:Image

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