You know those shows you watch coz you always want to see what the cast is wearing? I feel like that when it comes to some shows.The following are just a few I’ve chosen,but there are many more shows laced with fablousness.I will highlight just a few actors/actresses from the shows.




Carrie Bradshaw,Miranda,Charlotte and Samantha;These girls really heated things up in the world of fashion.It was Shot in New York between 1998 and 2004.If it’s not the high end parties it’s the classy restaurants,long walks in their Jimmy Choos or fabulous vacations!Carrie Bradshaw and her heels?! She was every designer’s dream.I was sad to see them leave but their style is eternal.



Keisha Greene,April,Raquel,val…This show is just something else.It’s been shooting since last year In Atlanta ,Georgia  and is currently going on.The glitz,the glamour,the parties,the celebreties…the fashion! The girls in this show are never ever ever shabby;not even when they’re going to bed or waking up or going to the gym.Even the stuff in their boutique just spells out ‘FABULOSITY ‘(as Kimora Lee Simmons would put it).These are girls and guys who know what the heck they are doing.Especially Keisha Green.That woman works it! What is not to love?



Serena,Blair,Nate,Chuck,Dan,Lily etc.This show’s drama is intense, and the fashion is just as intense :-D,It’s  Shot in New York from 2007 to 2012(It just ended) I mean,these people are all about high fashion..EXPENSIVE high fashion.Those kids are stinking rich.All they wear is designer.I mean,have you seen Blair’s wardrobe? With her shoes she can start a designer shoe shop.Her mum has her own fashion line for pete’s sake!

It’s so hard to choose which of these I like.They’re so rich..They all have great fashion.Sex n the city had some fabulous pioneer fashion for its time.Gorgeous, was so darling.Single ladies? I don’t even know where to start.It’s modern and has very chic clothes..stylish,classy,elegant. Gossip Girl has preppy,chic,daring clothing.It is so full of colour. Gossip Girl was also for a younger generation than the rest.So help me decide my good people!


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