So it’s about that time…EXAMS! Bummer *sigh* .The time when frustrations and tensions run high .While studying my mind started roving to all kinds of places and one of those places was of course clothes and fashion.So while on the internet I came across a certain fashionista and her style let me tell you is AMAZING.Then I looked back at what my fashion sense from time immemorial has been.This is one of those situations where you’re eating at home while watching The Food Channel then you look at what you’re eating and you put your plate aside and suddenly feel full.Haha! The Food on the Food Channel is soo tantalizing you just want to eat it.

That’s what I was thinking about me and my fashion sense.I know I’m a fashionista at heart and I knowΒ I can raise the bar higher.I think one problem with us here in our dear beloved country is that we don’t have so many of these reeally fashionable brands or stores .I’m talking about ASOS,ALDO,FOREVER21,H & M,TOPSHOP,DEICHMANN etc.You’d be shocked to find out that stuff in Mr.Price South Africa cost half of what they cost here.I’m not kidding…And the only way you can get their stuff is online where they are relatively affordable considering that they’re not second hand.I went to one of these online shops for a trial and was so excited and started frantically punching the keys on my computer calculating and calculating.Then I reach the end of my trial shopping spree,you know,the checkout and saw that shipping costs as much as the dress I wanted to buy! Β πŸ˜€ Disadvantages of living in this side of the world.It is so far away.I was like,there’s no point.This, by the way is so frustrating.I used to really wonder why people say they don’t shop in Kenya.I guess now I know why.

Honestly I’m so tired of Toi and Ngara and everywhere else that’s like that.You try on something then when you reach home you find it’s almost a different thing from what you bought! What with the the wears and tears you didn’t see,the stain,the imperfect fit,fading after a few washes…I can say It’s been a whole load of disappointments.My friend told me the other day how her phone was stolen in Toi by those guys who sell dresses while she was trying on dresses.The got into her bag when the dress was over her head! How she got it back was so dramatic only she can tell you properly! πŸ˜€ She lives to tell the tale.

I think I’ve been trying to live on a budget for too long.I say to heck! Thing is,Moi Avenue Β or anywhere around town is just death to your money.Those are just places you go to shop with mummy or daddy.Plus there’s so much fake stuff going around;Caveat Emptor(Buyer beware)!I think now I’m just going to do an over-haul of my wardrobe.Some things I might actually just give out.

What I usually envision and what I have and what I see around are totally different.I’m on a quest to find the right place to shop,for me.Somewhere with stylish clothes and shoes,somewhere I won’t have to go deep in the depths to find or almost get shot or grenade thrown at me while looking for it #GarissaLodgetendencies# and most of all,affordable .I WILL find it .I have my sights set on Mr.Price and Style Connections(an online shopping site).They’re affordable and have awsome stuff.Friends and relatives going abroad will also come in handy here.I can’t wait to be earning and earning proper money.Money won’t be a THANG.

That’s all folks!Β 




  1. Haha This article is too true… I remember how I used to spend hours online at stores like H & M… If you can’t find things, do what most of my friends are going: start making hybrid clothing… Buy the basics and then fix them until they fit and look how you want. A lot of work but you end up looking great πŸ™‚

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