Hey there…Yes…you reading this 😀 Hope you’re  good. Can’t complain , I mean besides the fact that our house help decided to pull a fast one  on us and I’m on house detail…She went and we haven’t seen her for a week …The intrigues of house helps! Otherwise, I’m cool(Gnashing teeth) But my unceasing  love for fashion is a constant 🙂 Today I’m showing you guys an outfit I wore last week. You’ve seen these jeans on my blog a couple of times. The look consists of the repeat offender jeans, a light blue crop top with floral print, light blue wedges and a mustard bag. Remember when our Kenyan parents used to call crop tops ”tumbo cuts” ? Yeah…That would make me one of those girls your mama would warn you about back in the day, haha!






Ooh,I was told by 2 people I was featured in Pulse Magazine on the 16th.That happened to be the day no one had the newspaper at home so I got it yesterday! Finally…Here it is.My look from the Deacons fashion show.Phew…It was not the fashion cop,hehe..


What’s your take on the just concluded Nairobi Fashion week and Kenya Fashion week? They sparked a lot of debate on  social media.  Including, ”why were they on the same weekend?” and ”We expected more for the money we paid for tickets” .Why Let’s just see what Strut It Africa Fashion Week has in store. Though 20,000/= for a VIP ticket and 5000/= for Silver…That’s more than…Anyway! IT BETTER BE WORTH IT!

Have and awesome week…With this house help situation,I know I’ll try. 😀


  1. Hi dear, you look great. And no way you wld ve appeared on the fashion cop u looked great,
    NFW. I expected so much I was disappointed there was so much vitengee with the same design. What we see on a daily basis.
    The strut it is waaaaay expensive but I hope that I will get to attend.
    Let’s wait and see what the outcome will be.

    • Hi Carole.Thank you and thanks for stopping by.I really hope they improve on these fashion weeks so much that we reach the levels of New York Fashion Week,Milan and the likes.I’m also so tired of the same old Ankara…It seems like designers think when you use Ankara is when you’re considered a designer!
      Let’s wait and see about SIAFW.

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