As we speak I can hear helicopters above our house.I live less than 3 Kilometres away from the place in question…The Westgate Mall. Imagine yourself going for frozen yoghurt with a friend or your fiance,going shopping for groceries with your 2 yelling infants or heck just stopping by for what you think will be 10 minutes tops to withdraw money from the ATM,right? …WRONG.Unfortunately that’s not what happened to the innocent civilians who were at Westgate having a good time or going about their business.It was and still is hell.

Yesterday on Saturday September 22nd 2013 at about noon,an estimated 10-15 armed people(a woman/women included) went to the Westgate Mall in Nairobi and started shooting randomly and throwing grenades according to eyewitness reports. Once you hear gunshots,you hide and that’s what survivors did. The police who arrived managed to liberate some 1000 people from the mall until evening but no one came out after that.Some 3 hostages have managed to escape this morning but an estimated 30 people are still in the dreaded mall as I type this. Children were not spared as fire was opened callously on them. So far 59 people have lost their lives and the death toll is still rising while 179 + people have sustained an array of wounds. The deceased range from the ages of 2 to 78. The assailants asked people questions to prove they were Muslims. If you’re no Muslim they shot you,if your phone rang…they shot you too. :'(

People running out of the mall to safety:

I almost cried I saw this mom hiding with these babies:

This one made me cry too.A security personnel rescuing an unknowing baby and other civilians:

This brave unsuspecting child kept running but the policeman was beckoning her to keep her from harm:


In the line of duty:

I’d rather not post photos of the injured and deceased that I’ve seen so much of. Some people have found out their loved ones have passed on,through the internet.Their photos are all over! What a way to break it to someone…

And who’s claiming responsibility? The Al-Shabaab ,a terrorist organization from Somalia. I’ve frequented that mall in the past and I’m trying to imagine if I was in there,what I would do…Survivors have recounted horrific scenes, some saying the had to sleep under a car on the cold hard floor in the basement parking,clinging onto that glimmer of hope that they will be indeed rescued.One jumped from the 1 st floor to the ground floor just to escape and others played dead in a bid to stave off their attackers. If you’re Kenyan you’ve seen it all on TV.I have been deeply saddened by the current despondent state of affairs. The security agencies that are there are doing their best to deliver the remaining civilians from the hands of their attackers.Kenyans in their generosity¬† have turned out in mammoth crowds to donate blood and other supplies where needed and I am deeply touched.I’m also planning to donate my blood as soon as the situation is contained since I live near Westgate Mall.

The aftermath of this horrid experience is traumatised children,grief,paranoia…But our president said something very powerful ” Terrorism is a philosophy of cowards” and it’s true.Terrorrism is of no religion…It is of cowards. We have never had a hostage situation in our country but I’m proud of our brave armed forces’ handle on the situation. If you’re out there reading this,keep us in your prayers.We shall overcome.That is all.


Photos courtesy of buzzfeed.com .


  1. Praying for you and your country!! This world is very scary at times, you just never know what will happen. I’m glad that you and your loved ones are ok. My heart aches for those that were injured and killed, and the hostages that are still there. My prayers go out to them and to the terrorists that are committing this act. I hope they come to their senses and stop. No matter what religion you believe in God would never be ok with taking someone’s life. PRAYING FOR PEACE!

  2. OMG hope you okay Winnie and you have like a week’s supply of food at yours. This is so sad. I read this and was quite shook. My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. Hope this madness ends soon. I can’t believe it.

    • Thanks for the concern dear.Thank God me and everyone I know is safe.The hostage situation is still ongoing.The pics and videos are so traumatising.I hope it ends soon! It’s the 3rd day today. I can’t even begin to narrate the horrors I hear and see.Hoping for the absolute best.

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