These are some of my outfits from 2013,in no particular order.Which one is your favourite?

I’m so happy about this new platform.It’s exhilarating to see something you’ve pumped so much time and effort into,come to life.What do you think about the new look? Of course it’s kinda scary starting over plus I’ve lost some of my old wordpress followers.It’s a bit like moving out of your parents’ house into your own which feels lonely at first but once you get the hang of it,you love it! It’s time to move to the next level…To 2014 and beyond.

P.S if you experience any issues while navigating the site let me know so I can rectify it.


Have a fantastic day all. 🙂




  1. my absolute best is M.I.A koz its must be the ure 20th bday fuschia look, and the short red dress with big black belt with a sleveless denim.. . .but the mid-length B nW skirt, and the blue peplum wit printed bottoms. , .also come pweety close.

    i love ure never-ending will to do ure best. is amazing.

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