Hey guys.

Yet another week has passed and we’re speedily approaching that time of year again…My birthday! Oh yeah,and Valentines.With two major dates in February,boyfriends like mine have it tough 😀 I also love this time of year because it’s awards season i.e Golden Globes,Oscars,Critics Choice etc within days of each other.There’s so much buzz about Lupita Nyong’o and we Kenyans are very proud of her.All I hope for is that she gets more acting roles and doesn’t become a passing thing.But she should revel in the spotlight right now because it’s undoubtedly on her.She has most certainly earned it.

This week I share with you an outfit I wore in December.It was quite simple and consisted of a black tulle skirt,light blue sleeveless blouse and monochrome heels.I also wore a silver necklace.It was simple but you know me and adding some colour and drama .I did that by wearing strong makeup and of course,my burgundy hair:


blouse 1

blouse 3

blouse 4

This post is part one of the sleeveless blouse.I’ll do a part 2 featuring another blouse I snagged up recently.With this January heat,it’s time to dig ’em up from deep in the depths of my closet and rock them like it starts raining tomorrow.

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