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My post today is about makeup products and brushes I got recently.I’ve been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and decided to get a few things to get me started .My makeup routine previously consisted of a single colour of eyeshadow,eye liner and lipstick/gloss…Pretty basic.Plus the only brush I had was an eyeshadow applicator which was not too good for blending the colour.I figured it would be fun to turn it up a notch.This year it’s all about trying new things. You know how kids feel when they get new toys? That’s me with these.So here they are:


This comes with a powder brush,mini Kabuki brush,concealer brush and eye shading brush.They’re oh so soft! I am pleased.

eco brushes

$9.99 HERE

EDEN make-up brush set which has a Blush brush,powder brush,2-way eyebrow brush,eyeshadow brush,highlight brush and lip gloss brush:


I realised the importance of brushes when I began using them.Take for instance powder.When I use a powder brush the powder spreads easier and looks more blended out than when I use the powder puff that comes with powder.




From left to right:

Just enough buff-$3.95 HERE

Plumalicious-$4.99 HERE

Berry Haute-$4.99 HERE

Stormy Pink Matte Lipstick-$7.33 HERE

Black Cherry -$4.99 HERE


pink and purples

nude and dark lippies

My favourite out of the 5 is the Berry Haute.I absolutely love the way it looks on me! I’ll do various other posts so you can see how they look when applied.And you guys,I’ve heard that Stormy Pink is a dupe(similar to) MAC’s ”Pink Nouveau” . Since MAC lipsticks are like $15,you can go for the alternative Stormy Pink.Score! 🙂


*Above photo courtesy of

I also got this Revlon Colourburst lip gloss in Peony:


Peony Pivoine –HERE


Here’s the face powder I got.It’s Revlon’s Nearly Naked in Deep Ounce(Their darkest shade):

nearly naked

Nearly Naked-$9.49-HERE


This is the face primer I got-Revlon Photoready Colour Correcting Primer.It’s used to create a smooth surface for the rest of the make up and keeps make up on the whole day:


Photoready Colour Correcting primer-$10.99 HERE


And finally,I got this Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour eyeshadow in Siren.Great for a purple smokey eye:siren

Siren-$5.99 HERE

Alternative sites are and you’re not much of an online shopper and you live in Kenya, Nakumatt has a Revlon Stand so you can go have a look-see.

This is just but the beginning of my make up journey guys! More is to come.



    • Hey Michelle.Fortunately my mum is the one who brought me the makeup from the states.I usually use the pos to ship.From my experience with online shopping,buy one or two things at a time so it comes in a small package(Also it’s better for trial before you commit to large quantities)This way you never pay tax.But if you buy a lot of stuff of course they’ll ask you to open your parcel and pay tax.Not too sure about the rates at the post office though.

    • Hi Valarie. I believe they’re available at Nakumatt Junction and TRM…Maybe even Mega. At the make up section where they have Revlon, Maybelline,Sleek, Flormar etc.

  1. Hi Winnie,

    Was at the Nakumatt Prestige just recently to purchase the Photoready Primer but was told it was discontinue and in its place is the Photoready antishine primer which i tend to get oily, kindly could you clarify?


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