The people who came up with Instagram,you’re the best! I use it to share my posts but also share bits and pieces of me. Here’s what I’ve been up to recently apart from fashion .These are my recent Instagram pics from the most recent going back. I’ve posted some pics in my previous blog posts so I’ll share the ones I haven’t 🙂 :

Insta 1CAPTION: #Selfienation and No you can’t sit with us! 😀 Me and @sikeythefirst#Girlsweekend

insta CAPTION: Sleepover madness #Partitionnight.I miss the Oreos already. Amazing weekend with @sikeythefirst @oddlyvee and @miwimckonn!! Woohoo!

instaCAPTION: New driving gloves #Monster… Not mine of course! @jamesomoroaduke ‘s.#MyCarfanatic 🙂

instaCAPTION: #tbt back in July at Milimani Commercial Courts #futurelawyer 😉#Learnedfriend

instaCAPTION: #tbt at @thebowtieevents back in February 🙂 #Fashionevent #Fashionpeople#inviteonly #WeDressedtokill 😀

instaCAPTION: #tbt Was listening to “as long as you love me ” by The Backstreet Boys… I loved these guys!!! I had such a huge crush on Nick Carter *sigh* 🙂

instaCAPTION: I guess I woke up like thiis!! jk…New hair! Yaay! 🙂

instaCAPTION: My invite to the @thebowtieevents. Fashion parray! *excited*

instaCAPTION: I’m dying here!! Hahaha!! 😀 I love Bey but this right here explains perfectly how I’ve been feeling about her hair lately.I’m sorry about your cousin Bey@shoeboxmusings Baba Blue has said it too! 😀

instaCAPTION: From mummy with love.

Of course you can follow me on Instagram for more pics. My handle is @winniethefashionista .

Have an awesome day! 🙂


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