There are things we do that are not necessarily a crime but they ain’t good either.Let’s see if you find yourself doing any of these things:


This is I think is one of the biggest when it comes to fashion mistakes. Just because you saw a skort on a fashion blogger or flatforms on the Chanel runway ,does not mean you HAVE to have them ; But if it’s what you love,go ahead. Trends are usually used as an inspiration and should remain just that .Trends come and go…Then come and go again. If you don’t want to wind up with stuff you can’t wear after only five months,then follow trends selectively.Remember the lady Gaga wedges? I actually considered buying them .Thank goodness I didn’t.

skort ladies and gentlemen...ugh

skort ladies and gentlemen…ugh




You bought something because it was cheap and you had the YOLO attitude going on.You failed to think it through and think about even one thing you can wear it with. You bought it just because it looked pretty and the salesperson convinced you yet it’s not your style.  They told you that they can’t make any promises that the dress will be there the next day  . Then you saw signs like this one :

To make it worse it went out of fashion and you’re stuck with something that’s taking up space in your closet! How do you plead ? 😀



So there’s this top that you always wear with these jeans then you always complain the way you have nothing to wear.People even know you as ”That chic who wears that blue vest and yellow skirt? Yeah ,I don’t know her name but I know her.” 😀 Do you really want to be that girl or that guy? Huh? Do you really?


I think there’s an inner hoarder in all of us.I don’t mean the hoarding that requires medical help( because hoarding is a real psychological problem) but rather the behaviour most of us have of keeping clothes and shoes with the hope of wearing them someday.I’m  reaally sentimental and especially when it comes to my clothes and accessories I find it especially tough to let go but sometimes it has to happen.I used to have a lot of hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes that I never used to wear or rarely wore but when I decided to rid my wardrobe of them I never looked back. If you have a lot of things you haven’t worn in a year or more, chances are you’ll probably never wear them. Donate,exchange,sell or do whatever.Make room for new stuff ; For stuff you love 🙂


I have been guilty of this but I stopped…I promise! There’s a reason why many designer brands are as expensive as they are. I don’t need to tell you why an Hermes bag can cost you upwards of $6000 . We all know crocodile skin is not your  run-of-the-mill material . Whether it has something to do with their impeccable craftsmanship or rarity of fabric,the good stuff is expensive and the makers of the good stuff know the worth of their products. When you have 2000/= (About $23) and you want 10 dresses,you’re buying quantity.If you have the same amount and want one dress,quality is what you’re going for. For me,I’d rather wait till I have enough money to buy good quality clothes,shoes and cosmetics than buy many cheaper items which I end up being unhappy with. But I do make exceptions with jewellery . I’m addicted to studs and statement necklaces ; So yeah, I won’t be buying expensive ones just yet.


After number 5 on this list you must be wondering what I’m going on about here. Haha! But hear me out.There are brands that visibly mark up their goods when they’re clearly not worth that much. I see some brands like Forever 21 selling necklaces at 4 times the price when compared to a Chinese website selling the same exact necklace with a high probability that the Forever21 Necklace is China-bought. Since you know and love Forever21,you’re buying the name really. If something is expensive ,it does not automatically mean it’s high quality. Also,if something is cheaper it doesn’t mean it’s automatically of  lower quality.There’s loads of very high quality vintage stuff out there(that I’m yet to find) that was made a while back and if it’s lasted till today and is in pristine condition,it’s probably high quality from the beginning. A way to be sure is to do research about it,feel it,try it, whatever it and use your judgement to make sure it lives up to all the hype. *Cough*Stuff in Mr.Price in Kenya is like twice *cough* what it costs in South Africa and Nigeria…What’s the..*cough* deal with..*cough* that? And we still buy it. I have an issue with this but I love their stuff .


This is another habit some people have. Sometimes people buy wild prints,patterns,sequined stuff and have nothing to tone them down with.This, or having all heels,fly as heck but whack flats yet most of your days require you to be running up and down. Another scenario is you have all pants and not a single skirt or dress.There are occasions when you’ll need that skirt or dress. There’s basics in terms of neutral colours i.e white, black, brown,cream or grey.There’s also basics in terms of items of clothing like blazers,white shirt,flats etc . Such things are called basics because they go with almost everything…Such items help because you can build an outfit around them. Not that you should have nothing but basics.That’s not so exciting now,is it? Get those statement pieces but you can balance them out with the basics you have.

Which other bad fashion habits do you think we have?


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