New week new post ! I’ve been watching a lot of make up tutorials on YouTube and really wanted to get in on the action so I went out and got myself new eye shadow palettes and concealer. I got me Sleek’s  ‘Bad Girl’ palette and ‘Au Naturel’.  They each come with twelve shades and an applicator . I think the packaging is pretty and chic .I love love love the illustration on the boxes .

Here they are unboxed:

The ‘Bad Girl Palette’ . As you can see it has dark colours ; colours that suit more of a night time look and can be used to make a great smokey eye. It also quite fits the bad girl persona. It also has 2 light colours(white and pink) that are great for highlighting the brow bone. There’s a perfect balance here; Half the shades are shimmery and half are matte, which is a win!

I also like the way the colours come with names. With names like ‘Intoxicated’ and ‘rebel’  you can clearly tell a lot about the palette even if you didn’t know which palette it was!  ‘Obnoxious’ Is the reason I wanted ‘Bad Girl’ The sheer intensity…That and the fact that it’s limited edition and it probably won’t be on the shelves permanently.

The ‘Au Naturel’ Palette. It comprises natural,earthy,neutral colours like light and dark browns,beige,white and black . This is like the ultimate palette. It can be used together with other palettes and can be used on its own. I love the way it has mostly matte shades,perfect for blending or as base colours with other palettes.


It also comes with names. Of course , names worthy of such wonderful neutral colours.

I’ve been using these shadows  the past month and so far so great.The colour pay-off is amazing and they last all day even without a primer. I had the ‘Original’ Sleek palette and nothing’s changed with these two. Same great quality. I look forward to adding more colours to my collection! I don’t know if you can tell? But I’m a Sleek loyalist because of the quality and the fact that you don’t have to break bank.

Now to the Concealer:

I got Sleek’s ‘Hide it’ concealer in shade ’04’ . I love it. That . is . all 😀 . Once you set it with powder you’re good to go. However,my qualms with it is the amount of product. If you use it everyday,it may only last you about 2 months. But then again,it was KSh.495 ( About $6) .

 I got the products from ‘Our Price’ at Prestige Plaza :

Each Eye shadow Palette-KSh.995

Concealer- KSh.495

They’re also available in most Nakumatts . I’ll do a post showing you make up looks I’ve done with these two palettes and the concealer.

Some people have hair journeys,some have health journeys…This is my Make up journey! May I never reach my destination, haha! I never want it to end 😀

Have an awesome week guys.

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free


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