Hey guys! How’s your June going so far? Are you just sick and tired of those Facebook updates about football? Well,I can’t help you there. I’m among those who are sickening you with my updates ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m enjoying the world cup so far. It comes once in 4 years…It’s making me do things like this…Watch 1 A.M matches then type posts at 3 A.M… I have a class at 9 A.M but it’s nothing coffee and concealer(for the suitcases under my eyes) can’t fix.

So today’s outfit is one I wore to my sister’s high school graduation. I went with a white shirt with beading,monochrome midi skirt,black blazer and my recent obsession,silver heeled sandals. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards whites,creams,blacks…You know,neutrals.

ย Sandals – Backyard Shoez

I also went with a silver clutch and gold cuff :

My friend Bella and fellow fashion blogger ( was my plus one .Doesn’t she look fab in this ensemble?

My sister and I…They grow up so fast!ย 

Mum and my sister :

Iย guess it was a pink typa day…My mum,Bella…AND my aunt!! They all coincidentally wore that very same shade of pink haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

See you next post! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. When I Saw mum and Auntie I knew IT WAS A WRAP!!! Well yeah we had killed it. I loved your heeled sandals and i cant overempahsise their versatility. U looked so chic,sophisticated and “on point”.Looking foward to nother look featuring the heeled sandals.

  2. gaddamit * excuse my French. but this post deserves such a reaction.
    this is bloody amazing. from head to tail.. toe.
    first ure haiyuuur * ure make up * ure smyle * ur Derriere wuui *
    now the combo. . . .that printed skirt, and aiiii thse shoes aky nipatie tuh.
    this has to be ONE OF URE BEST POSTS YET. * DOUBLE PLATINUM rae here
    . . . .little bit of heaven,

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