Hi guys. It’s been a dark week for us…We lost a classmate through a motorcycle accident. She was a lovely, cheerful, fun-loving, fashion forward girl with almond eyes who, from what I remember ,loved watching Tv Series.  She was laid to rest on Saturday the 28th. I was in the same assignment group as her in 2nd year for a unit called ”Evidence” so after that I used to say hi to her every chance I got ; whether outside class or near the cafeteria. She also used to dislike making presentations to the class…She was so shy about it . She sure smiled and laughed a lot.So here’s you Caroline Nzisa! Salute .

Caroline also liked make up.So this post,is especially for you girl…

I decided to take teams I supported in the world cup and decided to translate their flag colours into make up. My teams are/were : Germany,Spain, Brazil and all African teams. It’s just that I can’t do looks for all these teams. I did 3 make up looks for Germany,Brazil and Cote D’ Ivoire.


I tried to incorporate as many colours in the Brazilian flag as possible. I unfortunately didn’t have yellow eyeshadow. Here is what I used for the Brazil look:

For all the 3 looks I started off with moisturizer after cleansing and toning my face.Moisturizer helps in holding the make up and preventing the ”Ashy” or ”Cakey” foundation and powder look.

I use Forever Living’s ”Day Firming” lotion:

After filling out my eyebrows,I started out by priming my eyelids with Revlon ”Colour correcting” Primer.This helps the eye shadow to stay on longer and prevents creasing.


How I incorporated the Brazilian colours: green and blue eye shadow.

  1. Using an eye shadow brush,I applied green eye shadow (from Sleek’s  ”Original” Palette) from the inner corner of my eyelids going outward up to 3/4 of the lid.
  2. I then took blue eye shadow from the same palette and applied it on the outer 1/4 of the lid and blended the 2 colours together using a blending brush.
  3. I took the cream coloured shadow and applied it as a highlighter using a highlighting brush on my brow bone.
  4. Using Flormar liquid eyeliner I lined my upper lids and using Sleek Kohl Pencil, lined my lower lids :

I finished off the look with nude Revlon  lip gloss in ”Peony” just because the eyes are a bit bold so I wanted to tone them down . I usually do foundation after doing my eyes because of eye shadow fallout, especially with shimmery shadows like these.  I like to clean it up so that I don’t end up with a shimmery face! I applied Mary Kay foundation  in ”Bronze” using a damp sponge and set it using a powder brush with Black Opal loose powder. Here’s the final result:



I’m still convinced that the penalty that sent the Ivory Coast home was unfair…The Greek player who fell down in the penalty box literally did so on his own….Anywho…

I used …

How Incorporated the green,orange and white: Green and white  eye shadow and orange lipstick.

For this I chose Sleek’s ”Bad Girl” and ”Au Naturel” eyes shadow palettes. Of course I primed my lids .Then I used concealer on my lids just to even out the skin tone that the colours can really pop. You can also use a brown eye shadow as a base.

  1. With an eye shadow brush,I applied the colour ”Intoxicated” from ”Bad Girl” from the inner corner towards the outer corner about 3/4 way of the lid.
  2. I then used ”Regal” from ”Au Naturel” on my crease to blend out the green.
  3. After that I took ”Noir” from ”Au Naturel” palette and applied it on the outer 1/4 of my lids and blended out the 2 colours using a blending brush.
  4. I concluded the eyes using the white colour ”Noughat” from ”Au Naturel” on my brow bone below the eyebrows. I dabbed that same white on the inner corner of my eye lids on top of the green just for that extra shine.

I lined my lower eyelids with Sleek’s Kohl pencil then repeated the foundation and powder routine. The lippie I used was a burnt orange colour from Flormar .Aand voila !


This was probably my favourite look! I incorporated the black, red and gold using black and gold shadow together with red lip colour.

Stuff I used…

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I used an eyeshadow brush to apply the colour called ”Moss” from the ”Au Naturel” palette by applying it the same way ; from the inner corner towards the outer corner of my lids about 3/4 way.
  2. Since ”Moss” was a bit Matte I used a similar golden colour on top of it from the ”Original” palette ,which is shimmery.
  3. I used the  ”Noir” in the ”Bad Girl” palette for the remaining 1/4 outer lid and blended the colours together using a blending brush. I also applied this colour on my crease just above the gold,to blend it out more.
  4. I used white (Noughat from ”Au Naturel”) to highlight my brow bone.

I then used liquid eyeliner on my upper eye lids and Sleek’s Kohl pencil for the lower eye lids. I then repeated the foundation and powder routine like earlier.

Now…For the lip colour I used….OMGEE!! I just can’t…I can’t…It’s my newest purchase.Meet ”NOUBA MILLABACCI” No.7 *Heavy breathing*. It’s the most matte lip colour EVERRR. When I was buying it ,I called it lip gloss but the attendant corrected me twice and said it was LIP COLOUR :-D. I thought it was gloss because it’s liquid.It’s liquid but dries matte.The beauty of this product is the level of intensity and the fact that it’s not as drying as most matte lippies. Oh and it smells so good.It has a cocoa buttery smell to it.Plus it stays on forever. You don’t have to worry about touching it up. You can eat( …or make out ;-D ) with confidence.It gives you that Marilyn Monroe old Hollywood, 1960’s glam feel. It’s a bit pricey but it’s well worth your money. If you’ve heard about MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo” ,forget about it! Get this one 🙂 . Maybe the downside is that it takes a lot of make up remover/cleanser/baby oil to remove but hey,who cares,right? Like I said,it last forever.

Here’s the final look:

 The face products I used for these looks are :

Mary Kay Medium coverage liquid foundation and Black Opal Invisible oil blocking loose powder. I  used my mum’s loose powder for a change and I loved the silky smooth finish and the fact that it’s colourless and enhances your natural skin tone is a plus if you want a matte face but don’t like so much of a fuss. It’s also oil-absorbing and if you sweat like me, then it’s definitely for you.When using liquid or cream foundation remember to set it with powder so it doesn’t crease of transfer eg when you hug someone or to your shirt/top/blouse.

For details on some of the products I’ve used here check out : SLEEK MAKE UP HAUL + REVIEW & REVLON MAKE UP HAUL. I haven’t listed these before though :

  • Sleek Kohl pencil  -KSh.250, Super Cosmetics
  • Flormar Supermatte Colour #208  –  KSh.895 ( Or thereabout…I got it back in 2012) Nakumatt Junction
  • NOUBA MILLABACCI No.7    –   Ksh. 1600 , Nakshi Nouba ( in Nakumatt Ukay)
  • Mary Kay liquid Foundation  –  Ksh.1500 (or thereabout…Can’t remember that well) Beauty Options

And there we have it. My make up looks for World cup 2014. Thank you for reading till this far. I’m not perfect yet but baby steps! Getting liquid eyeliner right is  hella hard haha! Especially when you keep blinking. They say ”Never ask a girl with winged liner why she’s late” .


Enjoy your week ! 🙂

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