Hey you! 🙂 I bring you yet another post .

This is an outfit I wore to a friend’s birthday lunch sometime back(Halla Bonnie 🙂 ) on a Sunday . I went with a basic white long sleeved top, printed pants ,denim vest and sandals…neutral colours. I accessorised with this really pretty white necklace and a slim gold belt. I rarely wear sandals…But when I do…Just know I’ve run out of shoes…Haha! Just kidding.I’m embracing diversity people.Diversity. ION,this Nairobi cold just won’t quit. Well,we’re not quitting too. We’re staying fashionable even with the insanely low temperatures. Enjoy the photos.


Monkey business…

This necklace gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 😀


It’s about that time of the semester.Trying to keep up with all the assignments and I start my undergrad Dissertation soon. Freakin’ law school…Then again,those Christian Louboutins ain’t gonna fall from the sky. They have to be worked for . 😀

Have a fruitful week,

Winnie The Fashionista.

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  1. Wow! you’re such a life giver, and a mystery. Your confidence is rubbing off on me. You are beautiful and so are your brains girl! I totally love the “girly and lovin’ it” post, it brings out the Pure Spirit in you, your real Self. 🙂

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