Hey people! 🙂 So today I bring you the haul of hauls.

I get this feeling everytime I get new make up,haha!

I recently got some goodies thanks to mum from her recent travels.I had written such a long list you’d think it was grocery shopping . Without further adieu:


I got them in ‘Original’ and ‘Sin’ . These are eyelid primers which you use before applying eye shadow . They claim to make the shadow last 24 hours without creasing and make it the colour more vibrant. It’s true what it says about the creasing.However,about the colour being more vibrant,I usually don’t see a difference.  I’ve been using the ‘Original’ one this past week and I am a witness! I’ve heard many Vloggers on YouTube raving about these primers and had to get them . Unfortunately Urban Decay products are not found in Kenya. You can get them online here. These ones I’ll be using very sparingly. If you’re all about the eyes,I say go ‘head child! Get it 🙂  



I’ve used the Teal one and let me say these colours are a bit tricky to apply.For your nails to be opaque and not seen through the polish you have to go over the nails like 3 times. I’m not writing Maybelline off just yet.I’ll give them another chance with other colours. The upside is that they’re chip-resistant but for finger nails this depends on the amount of work you expose your hands to.  On average they do last about 2 weeks before they start chipping  .You can get them at the make up aisle of Nakumatt Junction(Not sure how much though) or online at a fraction of the price here.  


I got it in black. It goes on so damn smooth ! It’s literally silky.Oh and it lasts for 16 hours plus! There’s a time I applied it in the morning at and when I was putting on eye shadow the next morning traces of it were still strongly there. It also has the finish of a gel or liquid eyeliner which is a win! Normal pencil smudges easily or refuses to apply especially onto oily eyelids but this not your average pencil. It’s also waterproof.Don’t be afraid of the waterworks.Downside is that it can run out really fast because of the silkiness you easily use a lot of it without knowing. Sharpening is also a bit hard but I use the sharpener from an old liner which works fine.


*sigh* I just don’t know.It looked so pretty online.I was also motivated by the fact that it’s a dupe for MAC’s ‘Vegas Volt’ .Dupe or not,this one was just not doing it for me.It’s too creamy and heavy on the lips,it settles in the lines of the lips and doesn’t last too long before you have to apply it again.Max ,2 hours. It’s surprising because all my other Revlon creme lipsticks are top notch so I didn’t think twice about this one. In Nairobi ,Revlon lipsticks can be found at Beauty Options in town or Nakumatt Junction. Here’s a comparison with other Revlon Creme lipsticks with the same formula . I had to put 3 coats for it to appear this way.For the rest I just put one coat.


I haven’t used it yet.I’ll let you know when I do. Or I’ll review it in a tutorial.It’s a pretty colour and I’m sure the quality is amazing.   In Nairobi I think you can get MAC blushes at Lintons Beauty World at Junction . You can alternatively get them online here    


A stippling brush is usually used to dot foundation over the face lightly to give you that airbrush effect . I got the 187 which is a duo fiber brush.It’s not that the bristles are dyed white ; The white bristles are actually longer than the black ones so they rise above the black bristles. For sure it helps you achieve the desired effect.Also the handle is so heavy duty and bristles oh so soft!You can get it online here or head over to Linton’s at Junction.


These are sample size so I think my mum was given for free with the purchase of other MAC products. I’ve used one for the past week.It makes quite a difference to the lashes!  It adds quite the amount of volume.Plus the packaging is so adorable.


I was uber excited when these came. I got 3 from their Retro Matte Collection i.e ‘Ruby Woo’ ‘Relentlessly Red’ and ‘Heroine’. I’ve used all 3 and there’s just never anything bad to say about MAC(Well,except the price) so all I can say is that the colour payoff was amazing.They’re as highly pigmented and long-lasting as you’d expect.Smell good and feel so light-weight on your lips.You feel like you’re barely wearing any product! For all things MAC,you know the drill…Lintons! Or  online here. Relentlessly red: She’s more on the pink side than the red side. Heroine: Ruby Woo:   I now have 4 red lipsticks…What…Don’t judge! Everyone’s addicted to something 😀 . Finally the face-off…Nouba Millebacci no.7 v MAC ‘Ruby Woo’.Remember,I had talked about it here .Below are the swatches.I put two coats of each.So yeah…Nouba pretty much schools MAC. But they both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Ruby Woo has a blue undertone so if you’re not into a shouting red,definitely go for it.   Wow…That was a long one.Hope you enjoyed it though! Enjoy your weekend.I have like a million assignments and exams in a few days but we shall make it! Cheers. 🙂



  1. Am warning you in advance that your make up collection might just go missing. Did you ship them or buy them all at Lintons. How much is everything there anyway, I love to compare prices first before I buy anything b

    • Haha. I’m putting a tracking chip on that note.
      I’ve mentioned in the 1st paragraph of the post, my mum got them for me on a trip abroad. What I know about Linton’s is that their.MAC lipsticks are 2800/= and foundation 5000/= I’m sure they have blush and all that other MAC stuff.

  2. All over sudden I just feel the buzz to get back to the make up thing…So im coming for your collection.haha.You make everything seem so easy.Kindly do a post on your daily make up routine.

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