Hold up,I can explain…Exams had me so caught up that I’m only posting now.I know It’s been 3 weeks since my last post but you understand,don’t you? Ok,thanks! Now that that’s done…This post is about those times when everything seems to be going left.Sometimes it’s so bad but when you look at the bigger picture,you can at least be thankful to be alive and well ;that you still have your arms,legs and all your bodily functions and your health! It could be worse … Smile 🙂

Today’s OOTD is :A floral print top which my mum gave to me when I was 12,cobalt blue chiffon maxi,mustard bag and white flats. I’ve wanted a maxi for the longest time and now that I have one,the styling possibilities are endless! By adding the pink necklace I meant to throw a spanner in the works…I don’t know if I succeeded or it actually works.

I got this gorgeous skirt from RAMO WEAR. The lipstick is MAC’s ‘Heroine’ from this post here.

Enjoy the weekend guys!

Cheers. 🙂

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