Hello darlings! Everyone and their grandma knows that stripes are a staple in one’s closet…No? “Am I wrong? If you tell me I’m wrong,I don’t wanna be right” Nico & Vinz seem to feel me on that one 😀 . I paired mine with purple pants, lace pointed pumps and a white quilted bag. Also my new accessory…THE HAIR! So excited to be rocking this colour again.I matched it with the lipstick(MAC’S “Ruby Woo” and “Heroine”) and voila!

Alek Wek...I'm ready for my close up :-D

Alek Wek…I’m ready for my close up 😀

Added a grey jacket on top:

I found a variety of striped goodies on lulus.com.From tops to dresses to cute travelling bags.See them ==> here

Also,let’s face it. We all love a great sale at our favorite store. We anticipate holiday weekends not only for the extra days off work, but for the fantastic shopping opportunities that await. Lucky for us, LuLu*s has delivered! They have some amazing deals this Labor Day Weekend – including up to $35 off site wide! You can shop this great deal here. Happy Shopping! P.s.this deal applies to US and Canada only. So for my Canadian and American readers,have a go! 🙂

Shop LuLu*s Labor Day Sale!

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I’m still buzzing from from Beyonce’s MTV VMA performance. 16 minutes of your life you won’t wish to get back.Go ahead,keep those 16 minutes Beyonce.Keeep them! 😀 If you want to see what I’m talking about,watch below:

Have an awesome weekend my good people.

Cheers! 🙂


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