If you don’t know by now,I’m a bit of a football girl.Manchester United to be exact. 🙂 Now,when you think of style in football ,first thing that comes to mind is the players.Not this time ! Let’s look at the coaches.I found some who bring the heat not only on game day but also in what they don.These are coaches with big paychecks ,managing big teams and are big on style.

8.Andre Villa-Boas (Zenit Saint Petersburg)

His swanky style and classic fit makes this manager a perfect fit for this list.

7.Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid)

Despite his 8 match ban (for tapping a linesman’s head and when sent off the pitch he refused to leave) ,he’s a stylish coach known for his trademark slicked back hair and sure rocks those slim ties.

6.Roberto Martinez (Everton)

He gets it right with the bespoke suits and trench coats which always have him looking dapper.

5.Cesare Prandelli (Italian National team)

In true Italian fashion…Nothing but quality style and impeccable taste.

4.Roberto Mancini (Manchester City)

This guy wears the hell out of that blue and white Man City scarf. His street style is on point too!

3.Joachom Loew(German national team)

Now HE is a picture of refinement . As stylish as he is tactical.

2.Jose Mourinho (Chelsea)

Expect nothing less than finesse when it comes to Mourinho who has a penchant for designer duds and exceptional time pieces…Being the ambassador for watch company “Hublot” and all. He even has a watch named after him by Audemar Piguet…The Jose Mourinho Audemar Piguet ; an extremely rare honour.

1.Pep Guardiola ( Bayern Munich)

He takes the crown.Pep.Guardiola. 2 heavy words. He looks like something straight out of GQ magazine. Sartorial elegance is his game.

There we have it! That’s my list.Who else do you have in mind? Let me know below.

*Photos courtesy of google.They do not belong to me but to their respective owners.

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Winnie The Fashionista.



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