Hey beauties! 🙂 Sometimes we get this make up thing all wrong.I like to give the below people the benefit of the doubt…Maybe it’s not their fault.Either they don’t have real friends or their friends are just like them. Oor,someone told them but they just don’t wanna know. Now that’s on them.I’ve been guilty of making some of these mistakes too.So let’s get started. 😀

1.EYEBROWS. These are some of the no-no’s I’ve seen around when it comes to brows:

  • Having over-plucked eyebrows (what’s up with some ladies and plucking them all off just to draw them back on? I just don’t get it).
  • Drawing them on too thick:
This look says "Hey,I borrowed your machetes.They're on top of my eyes.I hope you don't mind ." :-D

This look says “Hey,I borrowed your machetes.They’re on top of my eyes.I hope you don’t mind .” 😀

  • drawing  them in a thin straight continuous line instead of shading:
Look...I fell asleep in a kindergarten class.I can explain...The kids did this to me!

Look…I fell asleep in a kindergarten class.I can explain…The kids did this to me!

  • filling them in in an unnaturally high arch( Such ladies always look like they’re surprised or happy 24/7! ) .It’s much like derailing a train or changing the course of a river.
  • Using eye pencil that is too dark for you…especially black.
  • neglecting them by not having them shaped or filling them in when leaving the house.This,though is a preference.You don’t have to.It just makes a big difference(I realized that this year 😀 ) :
LEFT :Eyebrows untweezed and undone. RIGHT : Eyebrows tweezed and filled in.See? makes a difference.

LEFT :Eyebrows untweezed and undone. RIGHT : Eyebrows tweezed and filled in.See? makes a difference.


How can we change this ?

  • DON’T over-pluck your brows.Besides aesthetics, they actually serve a purpose…They prevent sweat from entering your eyes.
  • Know your face shape .Whether round,square,heart-shaped,diamond or oval, different face shapes require eyebrows to be shaped differently.We want our eyebrows to look as natural as possible:

  • As I’ve mentioned,doing your eyebrows help frame your face.They can easily be the focal point of your face. Tweezing/threading every two weeks is good.
  • For the colour of pencil,make sure it’s compatible with your complexion or goes with the hair you have at the moment.What I do  eg since my hair is black with hints of brown I use a dark brown pencil.Or if the colour of my weave or braids are really light brown,I go with a lighter brown.But I NEVER use black because my hair is not jet black.


  • Using the wrong shade of foundation or powder. I was so excited when this Revlon foundation came because I had heard so much about it.It however turned out to be too light for me.

Got you looking like…

I'm here to audition for the part of "Casper the Friednly Ghost.Which way please? "

I’m here to audition for the part of “Casper the Friendly Ghost.Which way please? “

  • Too much baby powder.Our mums and their mums used to use baby powder on the face to eliminate shine.However,if you put too much of it you end up looking like someone poured flour on your face during a cat fight:
This looks says " Hide all your children. For none shall be spared. " :-D

This looks says ” Hide all your children. For none shall be spared. ” 😀

  • Too much foundation or powder is not a preference of mine. It gives you that ‘Cakey’ look.If you put it on to the point that someone can actually tell you’re wearing it,then you’re trying too hard. You’re giving make up a bad name! :

How can we rectify this? Simple…Go to a beauty shop and ask them to help you find your shade. Also,don’t be so heavy-handed with the stuff.


  • Applying lipstick on chapped lips.Ladies,your unforgiving lipstick will sell you out.
  • Applying shades of lipstick/gloss that’s too light for you.Especially when trying a nude colour.Many Women of colour get this wrong.What’s ‘nude’ for a caucasian is not ‘nude’ for me.For example…This Revlon lipstick in “Just enough Buff” makes me look washed out and like I haven’t eaten in months:

Just get me out of here...AND FEED ME. :=D

Just get me out of here…AND FEED ME. :=D

  • Wearing lipstick and using black or dark brown lip liner.It was in vogue in the 90’s but it should stop already! Why would you ruin perfectly good lipstick with black eye pencil? Huh? What did it ever do to you ? 😀

How to change this STAT:

  • Before putting on lipstick exfoliate your lips if they’re chapped and peeling. A toothbrush or lip scrub will do.
  • Nude lipstick is lipstick that is close to your skin colour or your lips. Also,colours that are too light are not WOC(Women of colour) friendly.Stay away from the pale colours unless you know what you’re doing.
  • If you must use a lip liner,use a one that’s the colour of your lipstick. eg red lip liner for red lipstick. However,this black liner can work if used well.I’ll do a separate post to show you how.


  • Trying to use as many colours as you can from your eye shadow palette.This usually ends badly.See for yourself:
There are 5 colours here...Disaster.

There are 5 colours here…Disaster.

  • Not blending eye shadow.This is not bad per se. Blended eye shadow just looks prettier and it looks like you know what you’re doing.  Again,it’s about preference here:

  • Not wiping eye shadow fallout. Some eye shadows are loose and end up falling on your cheeks when you’re applying them. Don’t walk around all day with colour on your face.This used to happen to me many times:


  • If your palette is really colourful, use a max of 2 or 3 colours and another neutral colour like black or brown to blend…But if your palette has only neutral shades,you can use even 5 colours on the same eyelid!
  • I don’t recommend using the applicators that come with eyeshadows.Invest in brushes instead.
  • Do your eyes before doing your face so that you can wipe any fallout first before proceeding.Or,if you’ve done your face,you can hold tissue paper under your eye with one hand as you do the eye with the other hand so that the shadow falls on the tissue.

There we have it! Fess up.Which one(s) have you been guilty of? Enjoy the weekend .


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