Hey there,you…Yeah,you. 🙂 You didn’t really think I would let October go by without doing a post in support of the fight against breast cancer…Did ya? I teamed up with my good friend and fellow fashion blogger over at to style a pink look. Also,it’s not just about fashion.It’s about awareness. I am no expert on breast cancer and I won’t start telling you things I am not conversant with but Bella is.She consulted professionals at Marie Stopes Kenya and wrote these very informative posts HERE and HERE. I highly suggest you read them.

I have however been there for someone very close to me who lost their loved one to cancer…Before it happened,I had no idea what to do when someone close to you loses a loved one. I just don’t usually know what to say in theses situations because no matter what you tell them,no matter where you take them,the pain will never die.It just fades,but never dies. It was a test for us but we made it through somehow. And the saddest part about that situation is that it could have been prevented. The doctors just thought it was something else.I wish they had been more keen in the early stages. By the time they made the cancer diagnosis,it was too late.I want to cry every time I think about it.You know,the thing with cancer is that it doesn’t choose…wealthy,young,old…It just doesn’t.

Here’s how  Bella styled her pink look.Her blog is .Check it out for more.

Be safe and have a lovely weekend loves.

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