Hey guys!

First things first…You’ve seen the video doing rounds on social media about a woman being stripped in Nairobi by men? Listen,I think people should wear what the heck they want. Both men and women. You want to dye your hair pink,whatever. You do you. It’s not up to me to tell anyone what to do. Kim Kardashian wants to pose naked for Paper magazine…That’s her!

If someone wears a mini to a job interview as a lawyer,then probably they won’t be hired. But should they be stripped? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you feel like someone does not live up to your standards of decency, you can’t purport to strip them.Stripping them as who? The Kenyan Constitution at Article 28 provides that every person has inherent dignity and the right to have that dignity respected and protected. These primitive men clearly violated this Constitutional provision by stripping the woman for the whole world to see. What’s the saying? It’s a man’s world? Well,we’re tired of it being a man’s world. We girls are taught ”Sit like a lady” ”Don’t wear short things,you’ll be raped” Why are the boys not taught not that a woman’s body is her own and it matters not how she’s dressed? Even women in conservative countries are sexually assaulted . You wonder…Do our bodies belong to us? I hate the cat-calling,being referred to like a sexual object and comments like ”Huyo nikipita na yeye…”(That one if I pass with her) on a daily basis. Touts,watchmen,passers-by…That’s the way the world is but it shouldn’t be.

I am a feminist. According to Chimamanda Ngozi,feminist is a person who believes in the social,political and economic equality of the sexes.There are different types of feminist…there’s the radical feminist,marxist feminist,cultural feminism,amazonian feminist…I don’t believe all men are bad and that they should all be castrated. I’m not a radical feminist.But we just can’t ignore this oppression against women. I’m seriously considering taking up martial arts. I refuse to be defenseless. These are some of the reasons that motivated me to become a lawyer. Women’s rights are human rights.

On a lighter not.To matters fashion… πŸ™‚

You know those things you’ve wanted for the longest time? Searching high and low? These pants…I’ve been looking for a good pair of such fitting high-waisted pants for the longest time. IΒ  wore this look this past Tuesday to school. It was mostly a neutral look,with grey as the main colour…Top,pants,oxfords. Grey has featured on many runways recently so I decided to style a grey look. I added a pop of pink with this satchel bag and threw a light wash denim jacket. Photos by my friend Viona Muliru.

What have you got planned for the weekend? You can find me at Nairobi Fashion Market on Saturday. Hopefully this outfit has inspired you.

Cheers! πŸ™‚


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