How you doing? <Insert Wendy Williams gesture> πŸ™‚

I can’t believe that I’m clocking two years. Two years ago today I created my first little blog post here . Then watch me make more cringe-worthy posts here and hereS. *1000 face palms* We all start somewhere. But here I am over 70,000 views later. Some of my proudest moments being when someone comes up to me and goes ”I read your blog” or being featured on various website alongside other top bloggers.

I didn’t always have this website.I moved here this year. I graduated from a 5 Megapixel phone camera to MUHORO MACHARIA taking my photos. Shout out to my sister Nicole. She’s always there when I need photos,even during the weirdest times of the day. Through gritted teeth, she still takes the photos πŸ˜€ Also,to my better half who is my biggest fan and keeps encouraging me. I remember when I was still looking for direction for my blog. Did I want to be downloading photos from google and post them? Did I want to talk about runway fashion? Street fashion? Take photos of others and feature them? I realised I wanted to give people a taste of my personal style and so I settled on photographing my outfits and experience and I guess here we are today. πŸ™‚ Levels done change now. My theme song for my website is this song(start at 42 seconds):

Here are some thingsΒ  I’ve learnt from my toddler years of blogging:

1. Do what you love,be yourself, be original,be different.

2. No one likes mediocre.

3. Don’t be too eager to say yes to brands or companies. Some people will take advantage of you.

4. Followers don’t come overnight.

5.It’s a jungle out there. The hate is real. You need thick skin.

6. Consistency is key.

7. Never underestimate the power of social media.

8. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

I’m still not where I would like to be as a blogger but next year,for sure we’re improving. I thank you for being with me from the beginning or if you found me along the way,I thank you. For every click that leads you here,for you taking time to view my content,I thank you. To show my appreciation,I’m having my first giveaway. I’m giving away all of these nail polishes to one lucky reader : 4 Lurons and 3 Flormars. I chose classic holiday colours like green,golds,red and burgundy to get you started on the celebrations. Plus other colours to take you through the year like nude and pink.

This is the perfect nude…I found it!

Rules for the giveaway:

1.Like my facebook page and share the status update about the giveaway.

2. Comment below,tell me what you’ll be doing this holiday.

3. The winner will be announced next week on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers. πŸ™‚


  1. Unlike most people who have planned to go on vacation this holiday, I will be staying at home for two main reasons. One is that I have to decide between having a good time or saving up for my school fees. Another is that I have dedicated this holiday to charity work. Its better to keep myself busy helping out in a nearby hospital than being idle.
    Hope y’all have a fabulous time

  2. To be consistent with a blog the way you are is very inspirational. Happy birthday to your blog!!!

    I could totally use the burgundy Flormar nail polish in my life soooo… This holiday I intend to go out more, capture lots of moments with my camera, keep working-out, make new friends and eat as much chicken and bacon as I can because I have decided that I’ll go vegan, come 2015.


  3. Congratulations Winnie. Its definitely not an easy journey.
    This holiday i plan to take my sister sight seeing in museums and let her have a good time. I hope I win these nailpolishes. I’ve been looking for the perfect nude for the longest time ever πŸ™‚

  4. happy birthday to your blog!! *cheers to geater heights in 2015

    so about holiday plans..
    my family and I live for the holidays!! we are christams junkies.
    so every year on the 23rd we visit a childrens home..*yaaay* then travel on the 24th to wherever.
    this year thanks to insecurities we going to naivasha..thrills* cant wait to blog about it lol πŸ™‚

    *all the best to everyone in this entry giveaway- and happy holidays!


  5. wow* two years, you definately need to love something to be in that long all year round. so thank you for keeping us glued to your posts. . .thank you for some pretty amazing,drop dead gorg looks and taking the time to put this amazing blog up.
    salute Missy
    thumbs up !!!

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