You read right.I got Justin Bieber’s hair. 😀 Remember when he was starting out? I’m talking about this hairdo in case you’re wondering :

This is a look I’m wearing right now at school…Well…minus the heels. The outfit just looks nicer with the heels. I love this mini peplum and jeans combination.It ties in so well with the hair.

You guys,if you see me not smiling in this post it’s because this is the second time I had to take these photos.My camera just isn’t working for me anymore. I was so frustrated during this shoot. Lighting was poor,I kept getting blurry and dark images.The ground was also reflecting a lot of light so i had to change locations. I am so fed up with this SLR life! Things are going to change around here.

Many people have been asking about this Justin Bieber hair. I got it online here. I’m doing some heavy protective styling. My hair gasta grow! 🙂 I was so skeptical at first because I’m not one for short hair(with my face shape and all)…If you haven’t noticed already.  Plus this year is all about trying things I don’t usually do.So there. 🙂

Have a fantastic week.



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