For a fashion blog,photography is everything.

If you’ve read the ‘about’ section of my blog,you know I love photography. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to capture moments and things through a lens…A good lens! Well,now I can.I’m not saying that I’m a professional photographer now. I’m just saying I can do what I love in a much better way. When I started my blogging journey,I used to use my phone.A Samsung Galaxy Ace to be exact.Three months in(February 2012) I got a point and shoot camera-A 16Megapixel sony Cybershot for my birthday. What do you know? Now I have a CANON 650D in February 2015! ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot tell you how much I have wanted this moment to come. This new camera has come after months of saving and daddy topping up. Now my bank account is singing songs ofย  sadness…Cursing me to the very end. It’s like ”Winnie,what can a bank account do against such reckless hate?” Haha!

Before I got the camera I looked into online options but that was so damn expensive.Duty and shipping fees? I would have had to save muuch longer. We’re talking next year,much longer.Thank the good Lord for SnapShot Kenya. I used to research online to try and find the best camera for a beginner like me.The age-old Canon v Nikon battle really confused me. I was thiis close to buying a nikon (D3200) but I didn’t. But whichever camera you buy,Nikon or Canon,neither side ever complains about their camera. Once you invest in good lenses,you’re set. Of course in future I’ll look into investing in some good glass.For now I’m still learning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was also watching YouTube tutorials on the basics of a DSLR…Iso,apperture, shutter speed,bokeh etc. I respect photographers.Not that I didn’t respect them before.I just respect them more.



I’m so happy that I won’t be a slave to bad lighting.Also,my sister who used to take my photos can relax now that I have a tripod stand. I know it’s not easy when someone is constantly asking you to take them photos for their blog every week. If it were me,I know I would feel bothered and irritated. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  There are times you have no one to take your photos with different school/work schedules and the person’s schedule…It was all so crazy! If you’re a fashion blogger,you know the struggle.ย  Let’s not forget,if you’re a blogger paying a photographer how much you fork out every month. Now I can take photos at my own time.Also,it means we can now take videos! Yaay! Now I can film tutorials or just vlogs with this new baby. My Sony has taken some killer shots(pun totally intended) in the past but it has also struggled. Let’s see how this new journey will take us!ย  Jumia has a wide range of affordable cameras here. So if you’re looking into a new camera…

Over and out.

Enjoy your days loves.



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