JOODJ accessories are handmade,
versatile and empower women to confidently express their individuality and own their inner

Are you a fan of the unique things in life? Me too! I got an invite to attend an event hosted by a brand called ‘JOODJ’  some two weeks back. It was at Zen Garden and was in honour of fierce women in mostly in media and fashion. I got to meet the ladies being honoured and got to know more about the brand. Not to mention I ate sushi(vegetarian) for the first time in my life…My stomach would not let me hear the end of it 😀 I just don’t have the guts(literally) for seafood.

Let’s talk about JOODJ. What is JOODJ? Mukami Kamotho is the founder-CEO and describes it as ”to make someone or something to appear put together more quickly” Múkami founded JOODJ in 2012. The underlying philosophy that every woman has a signature sense of style and deserves to make a bold fashion statement no matter what the size of her budget is a predominant driving factor for this pioneer brand.It’s all about transforming your look in an instant without too much struggle. And JOODJ accessories do just that.

She creates pieces that are beautiful and worthy of the woman who wears them.Oh and my favourite part is that they’re multipurpose. You really don’t need to be having different kinds of jewellery when you can use one accessory as a neckpiece,arm bracelet,shoe accessory,hair accessory….Need I say more? What an interesting concept.

THE FEDHA COLLECTION(Like feather,get it? :D)

It’s characterized by  different arrangement of feathers and diamente crystals.


This one combines a tiny flower as the centre piece surrounded with feathers.


This one is characterized by cute bows incorporated with mesh and sequins.


This collection centers around  an intricate flower.

ROKA COLLECTION(sounds like ‘rocker’ right? 🙂

This one reminds me of the 90’s. Looots of sequins and metallic accents.


This has to be my favourite. It comprises of feathers,mesh and tulle delicately held together with a band.


The thing I love about this collection is how the pieces can be worn as necklaces as well. They make gorgeous chokers!

The amazing this is that the JOODJ collections are all found on Get one(or three) for yourself HERE. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands one one of these.

Which collection is your favourite?

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