Hope you’re doing great so far. Are you like me?  Frantically trying to wear all your light clothes? …You know, crop tops, chiffon, short sleeved stuff because the rain is almost here! Time to start looking for those jackets and cardigans. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I prefer the… More


Dulled and up? Doesn’t really make sense,does it? Well, many things in life don’t make sense but we learn how to work through them. We learn to dance in the rain. 🙂 The colours I wore in this outfit don’t exactly scream ‘fun’…They’re dull but I love the whole combination…. More


How are ya’ ? 🙂 I wore this out for dinner and a movie in celebration of my birthday last week.Well,obviously that didn’t auger well with the barbeque sauce. Even before the night began, the sauce insisted I needed abit of colour in the outfit. I guess it had plans… More


Heyy! 🙂 In this post I’m wearing a dress top that melted my heart. Who doesn’t like stripes and fuchsia organza in the same piece? I really don’t know why I wasn’t given a role in the movie ‘The Black Swan” I mean…Duh. I don’t need actual ballerina skills,the outfit… More


Hey there! Today’s outfit is one I wore for the JOODJ event I talked about here. Since it was an evening event,I wanted to be warm but uber stylish. I paired these checked high-waist pants with a minimalist white crop top and light blue pumps. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MOHORO MACHARIA Have… More