What did you do over easter? Mine was spent at Maasai Mara with the family. It was my first time ever and it was a exhilarating experience. I got an opportunity to get lost in the scenery and take a load off.Though It was cold I tell you! So here’s the blunder I did…I only went with the shoes I wore while travelling. i.e a pair of doll shoes. Silly me. Damnit. So here are things I learnt about Maasai Mara that I recommend you do before you go there. Thank me later! 🙂

1. Carry the right shoes. And by right shoes I mean boots or even hardy trainers. It gets  especially muddy outside, at the camps where you’re sleeping.

2. Wet wipes are essential. You realize this when you want to eat the lunch that the nice people at you hotel packed for you, or after using the rest room at the Keekorok Airstrip in the middle of the park where all the tour vans stop for visitors to take  a break.

3. Don’t go without binoculars. They really help when the elephants you want to see are a kilometre away given that we humans don’t have hawk eyesight.

4.If you’re going to be taking photos, carry a telephoto lens.I will not start the photography jargon here. 😀 Basically those long lenses which help you take photos from a far. Though these are pretty expensive,yikes!  This must have been the most frustrating thing for me. It’s fantastic to see the animals but even better to take memories of them with you. It sucks when your camera can barely zoom to  700m away. It means you can only take photos of animals that are really close. Invest in a lens that can zoom to long distances…If you can.

5. Snacks are your best friend. Game drives last a whole day. So before lunch you may start feeling hungry. Be sure to stock up on snacks.

6. Layer up. I literally wore 4 layers of clothing during game drives. Why? So that if it gets hot I can peel off the layers and of it gets cold I can put them back on. Layers help.

7. Carry enough money…You will want to buy everything. 😀 I saw so many nice beaded necklaces and stuff. I wanted it ALL. Best thing is that they’re so affordable,especially at the entrance of the National Reserve.

8. Dull coloured clothes mask dust the best eg jungle green,tan. I realized most tour van drivers wore these colours. They knew what’s up! There is a lot of dust in the Mara.

9. Go with an open mind . You will not always see the animal you would like to see. They are so choosey about when they come out. Leopards especially are so rare.

10. Look at the weather forecast before you go,or you’ll end up carrying shorts like me when temperatures are below 20 degrees.

11. If you carry electronics such as laptops, phones and tablets, carry extra batteries or power banks.Reason being some camps only have electricity at certain times of the day. They are not connected to the national grid so they depend on their own generators hence limit the costs of running the generator. Then again, you’ve gone to get away from all the electronics.

Here are some photos I captured. Enjoy :

We were told this one had probably abandoned the herd.

We were told this one had probably abandoned the herd.


"Honey,I'm sorry I commented on her status!" :D

“Honey,I’m sorry I commented on her status!” 😀

The beacon that separates Tanzania (Serengeti) and Kenya

The beacon that separates Tanzania (Serengeti) and Kenya

So technically I was in Tanzania :D

So technically I was in Tanzania 😀

What is your experience at the Mara?

Cheers! Enjoy the weekend and stay safe. 🙂


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