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This has to be my most exciting post this year.Last year I started watching youtube videos on how to take care of relaxed hair. They were very informative and I actually started treating my hair withΒ  more care. One of the videos on relaxed hair talked about how stretching the time between relaxer is key to maintaining length. So I had a lot of growth at some point. So, last year in August I was doing a straw set at home trying to blend in the growth of natural hair and relaxed hair by having curls. Theen I saw how much my natural hair curls were popping. They were soo pretty. It got me thinking…Why the hell don’t I wear my natural hair? Why should I surpress these gorgeous curls and coils? I made the decision there and then, to go back to natural hair. I realized, that it’sΒ  like letting that rose grow a little then choking it…You’ll never see it in its full beauty.

Let me show you how it began:

In my defense , this spaghetti top-attached-to- the outer-top combos were in vogue! πŸ˜€ But still *face palm*. Anyway, I hated my natural hair. It was so tough. It was practically a scouring pad. Mind you this is my hair in a ponytail. A PONYTAIL… :’D We were taught that natural hair is too hard to manage. I used to shed tears every time they ran a blow dryer through my kinks. Salon day was crying day. Not to mention, the blow dried hair would go frizzy the next day. We were also made to feel like natural hair is ugly . Did you know some work places have a policy against natural hair? You have to ‘put it away’ because it looks ‘unkempt’. Otherwise,you can’t be hired or you can lose your job. More money for the relaxer companies,right? So right after I finished my Primary school exams I relaxed my hair. I was surprised how long it was! My natural hair was never that long.

Circa the year 2000...

Circa the year 2000…

So all through high school I remained relaxed even most of uni . Damn…I had such long hair at some point.

January 2013

Then it all went to hell…I had some braids(twists) that stayed on for 8 weeks. My hair broke like crazy! The last time I relaxed my hair was June 2014. I decided I wanted to do something new with my life. So I dyed my hair a mixture of plum and burgundy. Well, you can see how well that worked out…It didn’t. The colour didn’t show up the way I wanted it to. Thanks to the person who did it. But I used the coloured relaxed hair as a gauge. At least I could tell the difference between the relaxed and natural hair.

July 2014

But anyway…

The month I decided to go natural. September 2014

The month I decided to go natural. September 2014

I wanted to go natural but wasn’t ready for short hair. So I decided to transition by growing out the natural hair before chopping off the relaxed ends. If you go to my pinterest board you’ll find a lot on natural hair. I pinned a lot ofΒ  natural hair stuff when I had relaxed hair. People must have been wondering why. Now you know. πŸ˜€

6 months post relaxer...December 2014

6 months post relaxer…December 2014

Can you see the different textures?

Can you see the different textures?

I had planned to transition for a year. Well, I asked a saloonist to cut off an inch of relaxed hair but she cut off a huge section of it at the back. So the hair was too uneven. I decided to take the plunge last month,April 2015. I asked my sister to cut off my relaxed hair since she cut hers earlier. I did the big chop! πŸ™‚ And when it all went down I had mixed feelings. I was sad because I now had short hair butΒ  excited to start the journey.

Before the big chop

There goes my relaxed hair

There goes my relaxed hair

After the big chop

TODAY. A month after the big chop. I used perm rods at the back and flexi rods at the front to achieve this :

Bet you didn’t know I has a pixie’s ear,did ya? πŸ˜€


I stopped going to the hair dresser to wash and condition my hair. I only go for protective styles like braids or weaves. Most saloonists, I realized, use products that are damaging to hair. They use cheap drying sulfate shampoos to wash our hair, the use too much heat or don’t use heat protectant when using heat, and some don’t know that your hair is breaking too much and is in dire need of a protein treatment. So I’m done with salons to some extent. I wash, condition and style my hair at home. It’s also cheaper that way.

I told a hair dresser that I was going natural. She said “Sasa mbona? Na venye nachukia natural hair? Natural hair inabo aki” ( “Now why? And the way I hate natural hair?” ) I took the hint and I will not be doing my hair with this hair dresser.

My relaxed hair was so limp. I hated the way it didn’t have any volume. Finding styles for it was hard for me. It involved curling it and I didn’t like applying heat on my hair…Makes it weak. So I always had my hair in a ponytail. How boring. Also, when it rained I was always worried about my hair breaking. Not to mention, swimming with relaxed hair guaranteed me a trip to the salon because of the chlorine.Β  And a good shower cap when showering was key. If water enters your shower cap, there goes your hairline.

It’s a scary thing. But it’s definitely a change I am ready for. I embrace it with everything I’ve got. Natural hair is a sensitive topic. Some people may not like the new change. I heard some guy say once ”Huyo ako na natural hair? Huyo lazima ni kichwa ngumu”(That one has natural hair? That one must be a hard head.) Some men think that when you have natural hair you’re an untamed, annoying, bitter woman who takes a hard stance on life and has attitude.Hahaha! #Ican’t .

I’m not bashing anyone with relaxed hair. I’m just stating my experiences. Everyone has the right to do whatever they wish. πŸ™‚ And that includes having relaxed hair. I’ll keep you updated with my hair routine and the products I use.

Thanks for reading mt word-heavy and photo-heavy post. πŸ™‚

Hoping to see you next post! Stay tuned.


    • Thanks Linda!Trust me it would grow. It just depends on how you take care of it. Surprisingly my natural hair is growing faster than my relaxed hair.

  1. No way…you cut your hair??? Lord.But then again you look uber pretty with the cut and when you rock it natural.You look so beautiful.loving it

  2. I’m a big fan of your blog and now you have just been assured of my continued loyalty with this post. I also had the big chop last year April. It was abit scary but I’m really loving my hair now, it is more fuller and stronger. I also avoid salons and only go when doing protective styling. I also avoid using heat on my hair unless need be. I am yet to do a full blow-dry on it and see the length. It better be good :). Let me sign out before I start another blog-post here.

    • Aww,thanks Winnie. Glad to hear about your hair journey. My natural hair is also so much healthier than my relaxed hair. Yay! Trust me your blow dry will show you length like crazy. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading.

  3. I love your new look, makes you look more prettier and younger, it brings out your true beauty on your facial features … you could have discovered this kitambo!:-)

  4. it and karibu sana..been natural all my life thanks to mama who made sure of that :-)..i sorta damaged it at some point because of the constant salon visits..i totally agree with you on the sulfate shampoos and heat that really damage hair,at some point i bought my own products and tagged them along during them visits..oh well..i got fed up with mismanagement and decided to take charge.That is not only cost effective but it guarantees healthy,voluminous and almost zero breakage of natural hair πŸ™‚

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