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Have you been confused by the weather like me? Last week you’d think someone was pouring water from a bucket in the sky. I saw photos of the heavy rains that turned cars into submarines and houses turned into indoor pools…If you know what I mean.  😀 So I’ve been dressing in boots and sweaters but it hasn’t been raining as much these last few days. So I wore this last week. How do you make it fun in this dark,gloomy weather? Adding a pop of colour like these cobalt blue pants and the bag. Also, printed or solid colour knits like this sweater are a great way to remain warm but still stylish. Not forgetting the boots. Boots are essential in this rain…Though when the waters are waist-deep, even the boots won’t help us ! 😀

Shop sweaters and cardigans – HERE

Shop pants – HERE

Shop the cutest boots – HERE

Shop sunglasses – HERE or my gold mirrored sunglasses HERE

How are you staying stylish in this rain?

Cheers! 🙂

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