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Hey guys!

On Tuesday I attended the launch of Miss Kenya 2015 at the Hilton,Nairobi. I had a chance to interact with loads of interesting people among them being former finalists, sponsors, fellow fashion bloggers and media. It was a nice little gathering with ambient lighting and delicious treats. Production manager,Tony Chirah briefed us on what to expect. The most important thing I got out of it is that this time the cause will come before the face. The cause which contestants are passionate about and are going to champion. They no longer want just a pretty face but a young leader who is charismatic, empathetic, empowered and consciously informed of the status of affairs.

The ‘Twende Green’ Initiative was launched and is aimed at contributing to improved living conditions for farmer households and mitigate climate change through tree planting activities. The goal is to plant 10 million trees in 10 years.  It is a partnership between Miss Kenya through the beauty queens and local partner organizations.


-(Online Application and in person at TONY CHIRAH STUDIOS – Victoria House 3rd Fl, 301. Next to Jade Collections.

●NATIONAL AUDITION: Sat 13th and Sun14th June, 2015 (In Nairobi, Miss Kenya does one National Audition – no County contests)

●CONTEST ORIENTATION: Sun 12 July, 2015 (This for the successful applicants)

●TRAINING & CHOREOGRAPHY: Mon 13th July, 2015

●CROWNING NIGHT: Sat 1st August, 2015

Now to the night in pictures… 🙂

For my outfit of the night I went with these grey pants,lace crop top, grey jacket and light blue pumps. These are my go-to pumps for events. Not too high while keeping me looking fabulous. A perfect combination of form and functionality.


First of all, this year contestants will be vying for 3 crowns ; Miss Earth, Miss Grand and Miss International. The requirements for contestants are:

-a single Kenyan lady aged between 18 and 24,

-never been married,

-never given birth,

-a height not below 5 feet 6 inches and hips not exceeding 38 inches,

-beautiful of course, clear skin, nice set of teeth,

-confident, eloquent, well informed and interested in supporting a cause in advancing Environmental Conservation, Cultural Integration and Cohesion, Tourism and Goodwill,

-No crime history or known public embarrassment situations.

So there you have it. Do you have what it it takes? Do you know someone who has what it takes?

Last year’s finalists

I looved Mercy's dress. She was one of last year's finalists

I looved Mercy’s dress. She was one of last year’s finalists

Tony Chirah during the briefing

Preskilla Ochieng-Munda,Director of Rich Manna Hair and Beauty Spa which is a sponsor for the event

BELOW : Fashion blogger Winnie of fitndiscover.wordpress.com and Crystal of crystalolisa.wordpress.com . We hang out the whole time. It’s always awesome meeting fellow fashion bloggers in person.

Winnie squared

Winnie squared

More party people 🙂

BELOW : Me and this mega babe Aimee. She had me at ”I just can’t with your outfit…” 😀 Hi Aimee.


This shot is a bit blurry but you get the drift…Cool kids! 🙂 Feels to me of a Coca cola Ad. Like ‘Share a Coke with…’ Love it.

That’s all I have for you today. Be back next week for more exciting posts and projects.

Till then! 🙂

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