*Lights imaginary cigarette* …COUGH! Ok,wait,I don’t really smoke but this outfit combined with the fact that I’m, listening to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ right now sets quite the mood. ๐Ÿ˜€ Who has not owned Levi’s jeans at least once in their lives? I remember they were the only brand of jeans that existed when I was a kid in the 90’s. The thing I remember most about them was the way they never ever became old. They just got lost somewhere in the house. They were so hardy that our house help used to wash my dad’s denim with a scrubbing brush. ๐Ÿ˜€ Although looking back that was probably not the best practice. These days there are many replicas of original Levi’s jeans.From bottoms to denim jackets. I guess since Levi’s is the original denim manufacturer they have the science of jeans down to a tee. That explains why I’ve never found the right fit of jeans for me,till these ones came my way! Seriously! Most of my jeans from other brands have crotches that are too low or fit at the hips but the waist is so big.I will say no more. Presenting the ‘Super Skinnies’ by Levi’s. These fit like a glove. Plus,no need for a belt like ALL my other jeans.Double yay!

T shirt-Courtesy of Levi’s

Jeans-Courtesy of Levi’s

Heels-Courtesy of Levi’s

They asked me to be part of a project they launched called the ‘Live in Levi’s’ project. The intention of the project is to celebrate how the world Lives in Leviโ€™sยฎ by blending storytelling with social media. Basically how do you work or play in your Levi’s? Are you a musician? Having coffee? Chilling with your cat? Photographer? Student? At a concert?As a fan, you’re invited to contribute your own real-life Leviโ€™sยฎ moments by using the hashtag #LiveInLevis across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. See how other fans have shared their moments here.

How do I Live in Levi’s? As a content creator(of this awesome blog of course), a fashionista, artist(because make up is an art) and all round lover of the good things in life, I need some kickass denim to get around. Jeans are always my preferred choice for everyday life honestly. Whether it’s attending meetings,interviews or casual events that benefit my blog. Not to mention meeting up with people to catch up and have a good time. I find myself wearing jeans most days of the week and now that I have Levi’s back in my life,it only gets better! It’s just that you can’t wear these Super Skinnies to bed…Or can you?:D The jeans combined with this chic t shirt are the perfect way to go about your day effortlessly. Do I really need to mention what the heels do ? I mean, look at them yourself.Just look.

This is a t shirt but I turned it into a crop top by tying a knot.You know me. Rebel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here in Kenya you can find Levi’s stores in Sarit Centre,Kaunda Street and The Junction Mall. So,boys and girls, get fitted and get in on the action.


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