I try to diversify my content as much as I can. So today it’s about dressing a plus size body . For this post and the one to follow,my good friend Annatte is my model. What is plus size exactly? This is a controversial phrase since there are varied definitions for it. It really depends on the industry you’re referring to. For instance catwalk models range between American size 00 to 4. Anyone above that is plus size. Then there’s the other definition which fashion brands term as plus size. They have made it so that anyone being size 12 and above is plus size….Not my rules! I don’t understand why the term ‘plus size’ exists. There’s nothing wrong with brands placing plus size clothing next to others. Anyway…So,I guess since I technically post about the first definition of plus size(myself), today I will talk about the second. 🙂

We styled six looks with Annatte and came up with the following :


Common rule:  Plus size women should avoid horizontal stripes. They make them look wider…I think it Plus size women should wear whatever  they want. Annatte here pulls off these stripes beautifully. I’ve seen her wear both small and large stripes. She damn well nails it. But if you’re conscious about stripes, then keep them small. Or wear vertical stripes instead.

This coloured blazer adds just the right amount of colour.

Annatte is a lawyer to be so she needs comfortable heels for work.

Striped dress- Woolworths,South Africa

Green blazer-Mr.Price

Black heels-Mr.Price


This wrap dress is gorgeous. The awesome thing about an empire waist dress is that since it sits above the natural waist,  it helps conceal the tummy. For everyone! This is really handy especially when attending gatherings at which we stuff our faces silly. Sucking in the stomach for who ? 😀

It’s also a versatile piece since you can wear it to almost any occasion including both at work and after hours.

Wrap dress-Thrifted

Black heels- Mr.Price


We did an all-black weekend look comprised of a black top and black maxi. What all-black does is it draws attention away from things we don’t want to be seen. I’ve done it a couple of times and it has worked. My body is usually somehow less discernible in all-black.

We added a coloured bag, animal print scarf and brown sandals to break the black and make it more fun.

Black top-Thrifted

Black maxi-Mr.Price

animal print scarf-Thrifted

Sandals-Primark in London


Jumia has a plus size shop here. You can shop more:

  • plus size dresses on Jumia here.
  • These tops here are also of different sizes.
  • These jumpsuits here also have you covered.

I will do a part 2 of this post on Thursday,so stay tuned. Did you get any useful tips ? It only takes a minute to share this post. If you have any more questions, let me know below.

Enjoy your Madaraka day! 🙂


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