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Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good day so far. If not, just know that some kid somewhere has just found out that Santa doesn’t exist. 😀 Are you a fan of mixing colours like I am? I went all out with colour here. So take your pick. Do you like the orange, purple or baby  pink? I wore it all. I wanted to combine African print with plain bottoms by wearing these purple pants and sky high heels.Sometimes you just need a little(read alot of) colour.


Photography by MUHORO MACHARIA

Also,PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Have you voted yet? I urge you to vote for me. I was nominated under the category of ‘Fashion Blogger of the Year’ in this year’s Kenya Fashion Awards. The process is:

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5.Vote! Vote ‘Winnie the Fashionista’ .

I will be so grateful for this. If you experience any trouble voting,please inform me and I will guide you through it.Thank you in advance! 🙂

Cheers loves!

Ballerina's and Heels (300 x 250)


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