Funny story. I’m in Lowell,Massachusetts right now. I know,I know. I should have said something hihi… 😀 I’m here on holiday for the next two weeks. I’ve been here for a week already.Could you tell ?

This outfit is what I wore to go exploring the sights in Boston on Friday.And boy did we walk!  I mean,I’m burning fat at the rate I’m eating McDonald’s and twinkies. 😀 It’s summer,so I went with a sleeveless top,leggings, rubber shoes and a big white bag.

I love a good sling bag when sight seeing but I carried the white bag to carry my huge camera. I also love neon for summer ,hence the neon top! And leggings are great for a long day out and about.Don’t you think?

I’ve been taking some awesome shots of the place by the way.I’ll do a whole separate post..or two for that. Otherwise,till next time! 🙂

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