How are you this fine Monday?

I’m still in this part of the world and I cannot complain. Of course it’s summer,temperatures are high as heaven and I love it. I thrive in this kinda weather. It’s perfect for skater skirts and crisp white t shirts such as these.

I love the way I can wear skater skirts and short shorts here and nobody,and I mean NOBODY gives a hoot about what you wear. Seriously. Those neanderthal men stripping women in Kenya need to try that here and be thrown into jail within 2 seconds!

Back home I’m always weary, especially in town. I own gorgeous shorts and skater skirts but I’m so weary wearing them around town. Which is sad really. We are afraid of being ourselves because of a few immature people who need to build a bridge and get over themselves.

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  1. Lol! i love how you called them neanderthal. That look be on point mami, the polka dots skirts and canvas compliment each other, the white T tones down the look and the denim adds an edgy finish to the outfit. You nailed it.

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