Maybeline Lips (481 x 230)

Hey friends! 🙂

So, last week I visited New york and let me tell you the experience was out of this world! They don’t call it the capital city of the world for nothing. So alive,so busy…So amazing. The first thing that greets you when you come into the city is Harlem. Maybe not the swankiest place but it’s ok.  Entering Manhattan, you see the lineup of designer stores, yellow cabs and throngs of people. It was soo hot though. I wore jeans but it was definitely a mistake. Times Square has like 10,000 people,moving in all directions.

Picture this…You’re in Manhattan, you see  nice little street-side cafe’s(which are probably expensive as hell haha), a woman walking her cute exotic breed dog in her Michael Kors designer dress and some sneakers, hair pulled back in a loose chignon bun, a guy jogs past you in Central park and a teenager whizzes past you skillfully on a skate board into the traffic,without somehow getting hit.Another guy walks briskly in the opposite direction. That’s probably a Cartier watch.And the suit probably Brioni. You’re hungry so you buy food from a food truck on the street then you walk around admiring the expensive looking condos and apartments, imagining how you’ll one day live here! And as you leave the city that never sleeps, you tell yourself ”One day I’ll own a house next to P Diddy” :D. Or I don’t have to own a house,I’ll come to New York Fashion Week at least. Maybe soon,who knows!

If you’ve noticed,these are my go-to shoes for all my excursions. Comfortable and they go with everything. I got these pants on sale from H&M. How gorge are they? I’ll do a post on other photos I’ve taken on my trip. Meanwhile you can keep up with me on Instagram.

See you next post! 🙂

Skater vs Plum (336 x 280)

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