Many times I find myself confined by my mind to my comfort zone.  This ends up in me stuck in a rut especially fashion-wise . When this happens I use the hell out of pinterest for inspiration. So this outfit is a combination of pinterest and a bad hair day! 😀 Also,that’s what fashion blogs are for,right? Inspiration,among other reasons. I hope I am able to inspire you through this digital space of mine. I know you have white denim somewhere(or any denim) and this is a way you could wear them. That’s why 99% of the time I don’t write where I got my clothes from. eg Shoes-Angelo , Pants-Gokomba etc… It’s because I want you to use what I’ve put together to translate it into your creation and incorporate your individuality. 🙂 Plus there’s no way you’ll find the exact item because I thrift a lot or it was sold out…Like 10 years ago. This bag is 10 years old. But where there are options I do let you know.

The 10 year old bag…

WHITE PANTS (Similar)- here

Have I inspired you today? 🙂


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