Greetings! Today I will be talking about my hair regimen. Each one of these products can be used on relaxed and natural hair. So here’s how I do it…


I start by Pre-pooing(Pre shampooing) my hair . This means using an oil or conditioner and placing your hair in a plastic cap overnight…Or at least 45 minutes. It depends on how long you want really. It protects the hair from the harsh effects of shampoo. Meaning your hair and scalp doesn’t dry out after you shampoo your hair. It also helps hair withstand the stress that comes with washing hair. You know. The scrubbing. Also, as a natural, detangling hair becomes relatively easier!

I use coconut oil 99% of the time to pre-poo because it is readily absorbed into the hair shaft. I like this one from Kentaste because it’s Virgin meaning it hasn’t been bleached, deodorized, or refined. So the nutrients are still intact.

I sometimes mix Shea Butter with Coconut oil. You guys…UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER IS BOMB! It makes hair so so sooo soft. If you’re on a budget and need a good conditioner treatment, you could opt for this instead. I have to warn you though. The smell is not all that great but damn. The product rocks.

I also use this herbal oil from ‘Africa’s Best’ . I love it because it’s a mixture of various oils including  jojoba oil,castor seed oil,  olive oil, walnut seed oil, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil etc. It’s like an all-in-one. I use this to pre-poo when I have an itchy scalp.  I also use this oil for my scalp when I have braids, wig or weave in. It works better than those expensive anti-itch scalp products:




I change my cleansing products a lot. At the moment I’m loving the Tresemme ‘Deep Cleanse’ shampoo. It eliminates product build-up leaving the hair feeling squeaky clean. Literally. My hair usually feels so light afterwards.

I use this Cantu Shea Butter Co-wash to wash my hair . Co-Wash stands for ‘Conditioner-only washing’. You can use any conditioner Treatment to wash your hair to boost moisture and it especially helps if you wash your hair daily or every other day since shampoo can dry out your hair. Where my gym sisters at? I alternate between shampoo and this Co-wash conditioner.


Detangling conditioner:

As a natural, detangling is important for removing knots. We all know how stressful those can be. I use this Tresemme ‘Flawless Curls’ conditioner(Forgot to take a photo so I downloaded one.Oops) and my fingers to detangle. I don’t use a comb to reduce shedding.


Deep conditioner(Moisturizing):

I’ve been using this moisturizing conditioner from ‘Doo Gro’ . It really moisturizes and defines curls. To deep condition, I apply a generous amount after shampooing and detangling my hair then place a plastic cap on for 45 minutes as I do other things. If I want extra heat, I wear a towel on top of the plastic cap.

Deep Conditioner(Protein) :

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a protein Treatment. It helps reduce shedding by re-enforcing the hair shaft. So I use this Organic Root Stimulator Protein Conditioner to deep condition once a month. It’s important to maintain the moisture-protein balance of your hair. Too much use of moisturizing conditioner and hair stretches too much and breaks. Too much use of Protein conditioner and your hair becomes too stiff and breaks. I also use this Protein Conditioner before or after Protective styles like braiding, just for that extra support.


Tresemme Products- Nakumatt

Kentaste Coconut Oil-Nakumatt

Africa’s Best Herbal Oil- Ebrahim’s

Cantu Shea Butter Co-wash – Super Cosmetics

Organic Root Stmulator Hair Mayonnaise- Nakumatt/Super Cosmetics

Doo Gro Conditioner- Super Cosmetics

Zizi Shea Butter- Zizi Shea Butter on Facebook

I’ll have to stop there for today since I have more photos on the Leave-in Conditioners and Styling agents and Tools I use; and possibly a video of my wash day and how I style my natural hair. Catch part 2 of this post tomorrow or sometime this week. I hope you’ve learnt something !

Cheers! 🙂


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