I know corporate and fun are not two words you would normally put together in the same sentence. Especially on a Monday morning. šŸ˜€ You know us rebels. We like to spice things us when it comes to everything. Corporate wardrobe is not an exception. The corporate world is known for its strict rules on what people should wear to the work place. For sure you can’t wear colours other than black,brown,grey or navy blue as an advocate in court. I know it’s not easy to get away with an animal print fur coat or neon pink dress at the office either. But you can still add elements of fun in a subtle way. For instance a colored blazer and/or coloured shoes, maybe a coloured bag, maybe a printed blouse…

To show you how you can do this, I put together a coloured blazer, a coloured pump, a white bag and a CROP TOP! It’s especially easy to get away with wearing a crop top to the office when you wear a high waist pencil skirt. See how I wore this crop top for a casual look here.

Of course you can wear these different elements separately. You could do a coloured bag today, a coloured shoe tomorrow, a coloured blazer the next day or you can combine them all on one day!

Don’t forget the red lip! Definitely the red lip. šŸ˜‰

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With that, have a great week!

Cheers! šŸ™‚

New Style Top Brands (300 x 250)

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