"Do it with passion, or not at all..."

Heyy! I’ve been fighting with myself in my head…We all know how crazy that can get. šŸ˜€ Well, here goes nothing…I decided to become a make-up artist. On top of fashion,I’ve decided to do make-up professionally. Don’t ask…Because I’ll tell you anyway. As you know, I’m a lawyer by training. So you must think I’m stark raving mad. What do I mean , I’m a make up artist? What do I mean, after 4 years, I decide not to continue with law? How stupid are you girl? What will other people think? But law is such a prestigious career? Why ?Where will you even start? What the hell?

*sigh* The truth is , I don’t know. make-up, like fashion just happened to me. It happened to me since I was 10 years old. Remember those magazines called ”Shout” that used to come with free eye shadow / lip gloss? Yup. I was hooked since then. It’s always been in me. YouTube didn’t make it easier with all those tutorials that opened my eyes to all these things you can do with make-up.

I’ve always been a good student but it’s not the only way I can make a living. I feel like if I continue down the path of being a lawyer, I’ll have hypertension, wrinkles, ulcers and depression by the time I’m 30. And by the way, if you thought law school exams were hard, try telling your professor of a dad, that you want to be a make-up artist. Watch him wonder whether you’ve been sniffing 10 year old cocaine. šŸ˜€

In my view,you have to offer the world your best. I feel like I would not have offered the world my best had I been a practicing advocate. Make-up and fashion come naturally to me. I came to realize, law just doesn’t. I could do make-up as a side hustle…But I won’t. All my life, going to school and getting an office job was the only way you could succeed. Well,if I’m not going to succeed, so be it!

I don’t take the education I’ve received for granted. In fact it has molded me in more ways than one. I’m still a lawyer.I always will be. I”ll never forget the meaning of the phrases ‘Nemo dat quod non habet‘ or ‘nolle prosequi‘ . Heck, even Nicaragua versus the USA. šŸ˜€ Especially Nicaragua versus the USA…It’s been real though!

Obviously it’s a big risk. But what is a life without risk?

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On that note, you can like my new Facebook make-up artistry page HERE. Where I shall be sharing my work, tips and tricks. I’m in the process of creating a website for ‘Winnie The Make-up Artist’ . šŸ™‚ Also, like my ‘Winnie The Fashionista’ page HERE. What’s your story?

Have a wonderful week! šŸ™‚


  1. I think it’s brave to choose a path you feel is for you.Your professor of a dad will adjust.The whole world will!I am happy for you Winnie.Yes to risky new beginnings????

  2. Nemo judex causa sua……..habeaus corpus…..volenti non fit injuria, lol!
    That’s a bold decision and as a budding blogger studying law I’ve been contemplating on doing the same but am afraid I will be orphaned by my dad, imma just suck it up and go to Kenya school of law as I continue blogging, styling and doing makeup on the sideline. You are brave and I wanna be you when I grow up. I wish you well in your endevours and may you be the best makeup artist there will be, succeed in that new field!

  3. Hey Winnie :),
    having had the fortune of knowing you pre- and post- Damnum sine Injuria , and being a fellow student of the law , i do admit to being surprised as i read this post.

    I however do confess of being one of your most avid followers , and i have seen your marvelous growth and expansion with this blog.
    i May not know what fortune lies beyond this point , but i do know if fashion and beauty is what makes your heart beat a little faster and your soul and spirit soar a little higher then saying goodbye to the law is exactly what you should be doing.

    It is bold, courageous and a little scary . . .but passion has a way of making it worthwhile. All the very very best in the next new exciting phase of your life . . , and we will be there cheering you on.
    *sorry it got too long *

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