Well hello!

It’s been ages since I was here. A whole week. That’s ages. 😀 But how are you holding up? Let me tell you how I’m holding up…I’d rather be at New York Fashion week changing outfits after every show and running around the Big Apple in Manolo Blahniks like Carrie Bradshaw. But I’m here. Till further notice haha! 😀

For now it’s pants and flats for me!

Where would you rather be right now? Tell me below! 🙂

Have a fruitful week. Let’s meet in the next post.

New Style Top Brands (336 x 280)


  1. I’d rather be in Paris running towards the Eiffel tower in Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, I love Manolo Blahniks as well, Rihanna rocks them like all the time!
    I love the ensemble!

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