If you don’t know ,I started a new segment for guys called “Thursday Threads” . Catch the first post here. This week Anthony is in classic threads.

If you watch movies about the mafia(which I’m obsessed with by the way) you know they used to and still do… who knows…The mob exists…maybe…Let’s not dwell on that debate  wear lots of 3-piece suits. This consists of a jacket, trousers and a waistcoat.

Instead of the conventional suit of the matching jacket and trousers, he went for a broken suit, which is a modern take on the classic suit. Also, instead of wearing the conventional black shoes, he went with brown moccasins.

A slim tie is always a good idea…

Give it up for Anthony’s styling! And his beard… 😀

See you back here next Thursday! 🙂

Date Night Men (300 x 250)