Hello, it’s me…

Hello, how are you?…

I hope that you’re well…

Hello from the outside…

Hello from the other side…

If you’ve caught the Adele fever like me you know the copious amounts of feelings involved. 😀

But for real. If you’ve realized, I haven’t put out a post in about 3 weeks. I feel like I was going through a ”blogger mid-life crisis” .

Yeah, yeah. Sometimes it happens. You reach a point you start wondering why you’re still doing this. Who’s reading my posts? Also, the routine involved before a post. Keyword being routine. Doing the same things a number of times. Burnout I tell you.Burnout.

As bloggers, especially as fashion bloggers, we pride ourselves in delivering good quality content.And dude.That takes a lot of time and energy. It can take a toll on you emotionally or mentally more than physically. This is not me complaining.No way! I love what I do. Sometimes you just need to chill. On that note, does anyone have a private island I could borrow?  😀

But after a break you emerge a more useful and refreshed human, full of great ideas and ready to take on the world for now.

Top : Serinda Fashions(Instagram).Similar (here)

Skirt : Thrifted .Similar (here)

Sandals : mum’s. similar (here)

Maasai head piece : Maasai Mara


PHOTOGRAPHY by Obed of @primephotografi .


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