Form and function should always co-exist in an outfit. You want to look great (form) but you also want to be..let’s say, protected from the cold(function) . This one rule I threw to the dogs with this outfit. 😀

Went with form over function for this one! That moment when you’re tryna look cute…But you’re actually freezing. 😀

Oh well…

I wore this skater with flats this time as compared to when I wore it with heels here. It brings the element of fun and playfulness. The photographer even asked me if I’m trying to be “young” . 😀

Top – @serindafashions(Instagram)

Skirt – Mr.Price(Shop skirts here)

Shoes-  The U.S(Shop flats here)

Shop jewellery here

With that, I bid you adieu ! Go on, conquer that week.

Photography by @primephotografi





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