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This website must feel so abandoned. I think there’s a bat or two flying around here somewhere. Yikes. Let’s skip the ”Happy New year” .With February around the corner I think it’s too late for that.

winnie the fashionistaΒ My hope for this year is that I continue to inspire you to be the fine fashionista that you are. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting and that you’ll keep coming back like you always do. Also, what would you like me to blog more about? Or how would you like me to do things?This is our blog. You and me. We are the ones to take it to the next level. Together. Ahem…Please ignore the elf ear. πŸ˜€winnie the fashionista

Today’s look reminds me of that mint sweet called ‘Tropical’ . You know you live in Nairobi if you eat those Tropicals like your life depends on it.

winnie the fashionista

Oh and one last thing. The only way that we will grow this blog is if you share my posts on your social media. Spread the fashion goodness that is ‘Winnie The Fashionista’ . πŸ™‚

winnie the fashionista

Photography by my brother Kevin Awino.


Lace top-My sister’s

Denim jacket-Thrifted


Heels – Stall in town


  1. Habari Kani dada Winnie,

    I like you better with your natural hair and your blog certainly has improved over the years. Keep up the good work. Oh and your complexion = epic, please do not ever bleach it like many African women that do that in the city. I will share your blog so that others can experience the beauty that you are.


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