*breathes in* *breathes out* *performs CPR on website* *starts to type*… It’s been what, nearly 4 months now? Life happens. But I’m thankful for the readers that have been patient enough,waiting for me to come back. Those who are constantly checking to see if there’s anything new.Forget Lebron James, You are the real MVP’s!

Enough of the sob stories. Now to real business.Like Beyonce’s album ‘Lemonade’. A bit too late for that? Ok! đŸ˜€

Have you heard of the movement ‘Own Your Culture’? It’s a seriously cool initiative started by Miss Vavavum of ownyourcultureafrica.com . You may have seen me use the hashtag #ownyourculture on Instagram (Beginning of self promotion: By the way are you following me? I’ve been posting there even if I haven’t blogged for a while: End of self promotion) . The movement is basically about embracing your roots. In our case, it is the African culture. It could be culture in any shape or form but in this case we’re embracing the beautiful maasai beads that are not necessarily from our ethnic backgrounds, but from the Maasai culture.Which forms part of the African culture.

Miss Vavavoom featured me in a post that involved her and myself,styling all-black outfits, accessorized with Maasai beads. Here’s how it turned out…

For this look, my maasai beads were a minimalistic headpiece and a neck piece.Chep layered multiple neck pieces made of maasai beads. These multicoloured pieces are able to stand out because of our all-black outfits.

own your culture winnie the fashionista

The amazing thing about these maasai beads is that Chep made them and is selling them under the ‘Own your culture’ brand.

own your culture winnie the fashionista

Totally twinning…All-black outfits are perfect for accessorizing. You can wear any kind of accessory, any colour and any type, without clashing with the outfit.

own your culture winnie the fashionista

own your culture winnie the fashionista

In her article I talk about everything, including taking care of your hair and beauty tips for dark skinned women. There are also more photos there! So read the whole article HERE .


Bodysuit-@serindafashions on Instagram.Alternatives:HERE

Black Pencil Skirt(Alternatives) : HERE

Strappy heels : Backyard Shoes

Maasai beads : HERE

I hope I see you next post!

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