First came love. Then came a blog. Then came a collaboration in a baby carriage. 😀 I’m talking about the collaboration between Sharon Mundia of and the brand Vivo Activewear . It’s called the ‘This is Ess for Vivo’ collection. A fashion blogger collaborating with a brand to create a collection is definitely a big thing.In Kenya it’s the first of it’s kind. I have had the opportunity to put together a few outfits using pieces from the collection. Today’s outfit is one of them. The rest are to come in the following weeks.

Today’s is a monochrome look.Black fringed pencil skirt and white short sleeved top. My favourite part of this whole getup is the skirt. Let’s hold hands around a fire for this skirt. The slit makes it uber sultry, the fit is perfect and the fringed hemline…The fringe. I could cry… 😀

this is ess for vivo

The white top is minimalist but perfect and oh so versatile. Because of the colour and simplistic but classy design it can go well with anything. You can pair it up with a nice formal suit or pair it down with a great pair of jeans.

The absolute best part of this whole thing is that the whole line is made in Kenya. So all the hashtags apply : #buylocal #buykenya #buildkenya

I bet you want to know about these minimalistic rings. They’re from a female-owned Made-in-Kenya brand called Ziko Afrika. This is their Tisek Stak,Inspired by flat-topped Tuareg Tisek rings. I’m a sucker for dainty pieces such as these.

ziko afrika

These are their hammered disk studs inspired by Swahili earring plugs. I see these becoming a problem in terms of an addiction. 😀 If you want to check out their other pieces visit . Also, I’ll do a whole post just on them so that you can get to know them better.

Ziko Afrika

winnie the fashionista

Have you been able to get your hands on This is Ess for Vivo yet? Comment below.


This is Ess for Vivo :

TOP: VIVO Stores


Ziko Afrika :


RINGS: here

Shoes :Backyard Shoez

Necklace : Maasai Mara(You can get them at Maasai Market)

Photography by Charles Ngomo.


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