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The Japanese have this method of decluttering where you hold every object that you own, in your hands. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you throw it away. Well, so far I’ve let go of my degree, my blunt Bic shaver from 1 year ago and this really whack belt I bought on Ebay. So far so good,right? πŸ˜€

winnie the fashionista

August is here and the sun’s out again. This pleated chiffon gown from Kidosho is going to be your best pick for those August weddings. Both as a wedding guest and a bridesmaid. You should definitely try it out with some beaded accessories like I did here and here.

winnie the fashionista

So here’s to you.Declutter your life. You don’t need all the worry, fear, laziness, despair… Unbecome. Find out who you were before the world buried you with its expectations . How to leave your old self like a badass-Look back,smile, light a match and burn that bridge.

winnie the fashionista

winnie the fashionista

This post is wholly made in Kenya. Photos by Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography.


Cobalt blue gown : kidosho.co.ke



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