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Wait a minute. The Pretoria Girls High School has some mesolithic era rules. They have been asking their students with afros to straighten their hair so that it looks ‘neat’. Also , they’ve banned braids and banned students from speaking in their mother tongue while in school. Somebody hold my ankara bag,crochet braids and my maasai beads. It’s about to go down. 😀

Earth to Pretoria Girls High.Our hair grows like that from our heads. We have naturally coily and curly hair. Are we too black for you? Do you want us to bleach our skin for you too? The day I chemically relax my beautiful natural 4C hair because someone else is too uncomfortable with how it looks is the day my dog learns french…Let’s just hope this never happens then.

Come to think if it, my high school had a rule that you had to tie your hair back in a ponytail. Gaddamn. But half my school had chemically straightened hair so the ponytail thing wasn’t much of an issue. However, people with afros were not suppressed into chemically straightening their hair or being forced to flatten their afros.

But seriously, 3, 5, 9…Because I can’t even. Ok I’ll stop the corny jokes. 😀

I’m proud of the girls in the school who rebelled and got the rules suspended. The people over at Pretoria Girls High needs to build a bridge and get over themselves and their whiteness. A school of students and staff from different backgrounds should surely allow diversity. We get that the school was founded in 1902 and was a school for white folk until apertheid but like, what?

Teacher: Your hair looks like a bird’s nest.Please tame it.

Student: Your teaching skills are toilet material. But you don’t hear me complaining.

*pour cold water over burnt area* 😀 😀

winnie the fashionista



This chiffon kimono style cover-up and navy palazzo pants are from the This is Ess for Vivo Collection that I wrote about here, here and here.

Stay woke! 🙂


Chiffon cover-up : Vivo

Palazzo Pants : Vivo

Studs: Ziko Afrika

Necklace :Maasai Market

Photography by Charles Ngomo.

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